"The world of Witch feels lived in and the film is well paced"

Directed by Marc Zammit marking his second feature after Homeless Ashes and Craig Hinde in his Directorial debut, Witch is an incredible slice of folk lore that is beautifully realised on screen and wonderfully acted by all involved with notable stand outs in Sarah Alexandra Marks as Twyla, Fabrizio Santino as Marshall, Daniel Jordan as Judge Hopkins, Mims Burton as Johanna and Ryan Spong as William.

Led by the phenomenal talent that is Sarah Alexandra Marks, Witch is set in a small English town in 1575 where rumour and suspicion run rampant and Marks’ Twyla is caught in the middle of a Witch hunt after she is pointed out and suspected of being a Witch during the trial of Johanna Fletcher who has brutally beheaded two towns people, her parents; Aaron and Matilda Fletcher. What follows is a twisty story that goes to places you aren’t expecting.

Burton is eerily creepy as Johanna giving the role her all, I can see a big future ahead of her. Burton's Johanna is not someone I'd like to meet in a dark alley.

The world of Witch feels lived in and the film is well paced as William (Spong), the local Blacksmith and husband of Twyla unravels the mystery that is plaguing the town and is astonished with what he finds out, his main goal is to clear his wife's name whilst being pursued by the Marshall (Santino) and his forces.

I won’t spoil anything as that would be a disservice to this wonderful film, and the less you know going in, the better, but what struck me about the film is how meticulously the world has been created by the creative team and talent on screen.

The music is subtle and atmospheric, working hand in hand with the effects on display and with the storytelling and the strong acting from all involved, I’d happily spend more time in the world of Witch.