Date of Birth : Feb 24th 1932

Vernon typically played a stern, authoritarian kind of character. After minor roles on the TV show The Forest Rangers in the early 1960s he rose to prominence in the CBC series Wojeck in the late 1960s, playing a crime-fighting medical examiner (the series has been acknowledged as the inspiration for the later American series Quincy M.E.). He left the series in order to further his acting career in the United States. In 1967, he appeared opposite Lee Marvin in Point Blank.

In 1969, he played Cuban revolutionary Rico Parra in Alfred Hitchcock’s Cold War era spy movie Topaz. After appearing in a string of television episodes and films, he became well known internationally for playing the by-the-book mayor perpetually frustrated by Clint Eastwood in the first Dirty Harry movie (a role he later parodied in the premiere episode of Sledge Hammer!). He also played the sympathetic Fletcher in Eastwood’s The Outlaw Josey Wales and the banker with crime syndicate connections, Boyle, opposite Walter Matthau in 1973’s Charley Varrick.

Vernon is probably best remembered for his role as the deadly serious Dean Vernon Wormer of mythical Faber College in 1978’s enduring cult classic Animal House (a role that he would reprise in the short-lived television sequel Delta House). Children will remember Vernon as the equally evil Mr. Prindle in the Disney film Herbie Goes Bananas.




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