At The Fan Carpet we have a dedicated creative team, that can cater to your every film need; got an event you want filmed? We can do it! Got a Vox Pop you need captured for TV and the Web, we can do it!

We also put together written articles; whether it be an interview (both written and video) or features, our team can accompany the piece(s) with relevant imagery to promote your film, TV show or anything within the entertainment world!

Do you have a Short Film or Feature Film or Web Series that you WANT to get the word out about?! We can help! We can Spotlight your trailer on our homepage, interview the filmmakers and cast! And share it ALL across our Social Media as well as our Fansite Network and The Fan Carpet Network!

Need a Showreel edited? Or a Trailer edited? We’ve got you covered!

Also, through our partner Phex & Regis, we are ABLE to offer you Video-On-Demand (VOD) services across the leading VOD platforms including iTunes and Amazon Prime!

In a time where the Independents are seeking the best ways to promote themselves and get their incredible features and shorts online for digital streaming and download, no company has made it easier than our partner, Phex & Regis.

Coupled with The Fan Carpet’s online platform and social media prowess, it’s never been easier to distribute films and raise an online presence.

Now is YOUR chance to get YOUR films online for as little as £150 per film via Amazon Video On Demand, including Prime (subject to Closed Captioning) *

For more information and rates, please contact us for video distribution and social media and promotion and we can work together on how best to get the word out about your exciting project! We can’t wait to work with YOU!

*Apple iTunes typically costs more for distribution.