Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse(2023)

"not only does it build on the story established in its predecessor but it elevates it to new heights"

Following the colossal success of Oscar winning film Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse we finally have the long awaited sequel in the form of Spider-Man Across The Spider-verse and not only does it build on the story established in its predecessor but it elevates it...

by Marc Jason Ali

Fast X(2023)

"if you love high octane, racing, and way too over the top car stunts then this will have you eating out of its hand..."

The seemingly never ending Fast and the Furious franchise has reared its head again to provide us with the tenth instalment (11th if you count Hobbs and Shaw).. The production was troubled, losing the initial director and starting filming whilst the third act wasn't written yet, so with this in m...

by Ben Peter Ward

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie(2023)

"it is clear Fox is still a creative force, still achieving a lot of good in the world and still treasured as an industry legend"

Michael J Fox's new movie "Still" wasn't what I expected.  It's billed as an account of his public life "alongside his never-before-seen private journey, including the years that followed his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease at the age of 29".  Fox seem...

by Jayne Thorpe


"it's captivating and keeps your attention throughout"

Reviewing a short film is no easy task, it's a challenge because on one hand you want to give your honest thoughts without saying too much, but at the same time you don't want to say too little giving the impression that there is nothing to talk about. It's a fine line and a challenge that I'll r...

by Marc Jason Ali

Sick Of Myself(2023)

"manages to transition well between comedy, dark comedy and just plain dark"

Billed as an ‘Unromantic comedy’, Kristoffer Borgli’s Sick of Myself is in reality a much darker social satire that pulls in ideas of fame, infamy, self-destruction, celebrity and m...

by Phil Slatter

Evil Dead Rise(2023)

"The Best Evil Dead Movie Ever Made"

When I was a very young my older, protective brother hid a horror VHS tape from me. I eventually found it and started watching it when I thought my brother wasn't home. Halfway through the movie my brother came into the living room and caught me watching it, I turned to him and  simply said thre...

by Jonathan Hughes