The Complex(2020)

"with the compelling story and easy to root for characters, I’m eager to see how it plays out, how my choices coupled with the releationship engine will affect the outcome of the story"

Having never used Steam before as I certainly don't identify as a gamer, I play casual games on my phone and I had a SEGA console when I was growing up, so my extent of games is platformers, so I didn’t know what was in store for me when I installed and ran The Complex, but being in the mood fo...

by Marc Jason Ali

Superman: Red Son(2020)

"fun and enjoyable but not for young children more for teenagers, it deals with many adult themes and the violence is strong"

Superman: Red Son is the 37th entry into the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, the film is based on thefamed Elseworlds comic book miniseries of the same name written by Mark Millar in 2003.

The film is set in alternative universe when Superman is raised in Soviet Union in the ...

by Jessen Aroonachellum

The Rest Of Us(2020)

"Ultimately, The Rest Of Us is a film about love, understanding and perseverance as the four leads have to learn how to be together and crucially accept the help that is offered to them"

Directed by Aisling Chin-Yee, The Rest Of Us stars Heather Graham and Sophie Nélisse as a mother (Cami) and daughter (Aster) respectively, as they try to come to terms with life following the sudden heart attack and drowning of Craig; Cami’s ex-husband and Aster’s Father as they find themsel...

by Marc Jason Ali

The Hunt(2020)

"an interesting premise for a film with a nice nod to cultural references from our time set against the backdrop of the current liberal and conservative political division in America"

The Hunt is a film inspired by Richard Connell’s 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game, about a rich big game hunter who hunts humans for sport, who finds the ultimate hunt when he goes on to hunt another big game hunter, with an equal skillset forms the main basis of the the short story.

by Raj Virdi


"the World they have created is beautiful and well realised, the story; that is essentilly a road trip story of discovery and self discovery is heart warming and exciting to watch"

The latest animated offering from Pixar is the magically wonderful adventure Onward, from the beautiful mind of Dan Scanlon is Onward and straight from the start you can tell that it is going to be something special.

So we are introduced to a fantastical fantasy world full of magical crea...

by Marc Jason Ali

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire(2020)

"moves slow but in its drawling pace, unbridled passion burns brightly"

Celine Sciamma is an impeccable filmmaker. She is a singular director who tackles femininity in different and unique forms. Unruly teenagers, child performance, and more, enriching films that bring us such brilliant cinema. Now she returns with the exquisite Portrait of a Lady on Fire, a movie wi...

by Cookie N Screen (We Make Movies on Weekends)