Season of Love(2019)

"Representation is extremely important to our community, and as such, it would be wise to say instead of accepting less that we simply deserve better than this"

Representation is somewhat of a sensitive topic for the queer community, and rightly so. For a long, long time, many members of the LGBTQ+ community, like myself, have fought tooth and nail to be seen throughout the media, whether it be through characters that are like them or as the Producers an...

by Sophie Hogan

Honey Boy(2019)

"a glimpse into his past that challenges the audience to separate who is the actor from the real man really hiding behind all the fame and glory"

Openly celebrated at the Sundance Film Festival and nominated for best film at the LFF, Honey Boy is Shia LaBeouf’s open letter to his father. A journey through their troubled relationship that deeply affected his life and career.

The film follows Otis, a young Hollywood actor strugglin...

by Federica Roberti

Knives Out(2019)

"there is a crescendo of events that will lead to the most perfect ending, tying up everything together to give the audience that Ah-a moment"

After watching the trailer for this movie, my curiosity immediately peaked, a murder mystery with a stellar casts? Count me in and colour me intrigued. Luckily, not only did Knives Out meet all my expectations, but it also exceeded them by adding the element of comedy to an already brilliant film...

by Federica Roberti

Judy And Punch(2019)

"successfully shines a light on why there is still the need to talk about racism, violence and abuse"

If you have the chance to see Judy and Punch, don’t expect to come out of the screen with all the answers and without being mildly disturbed. Set in the 16th Century in Seaside, a small town of bigots and small minded people, Judy and her husband, puppet master Punch, are trying to take their s...

by Federica Roberti


"one of those films that may be more appreciated the more times you watch it"

Joe Burns (Joseph Cross) is an aspiring documentary filmmaker who is working as hard as he can on his next narrated documentary about The American Dream, his wife Joanne (Alexia Rasmussen) is expecting their first child together, so things should be on the up and up for Joe... only in his mind it...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)

The Irishman(2019)

"another masterpiece made by this resilient and brilliant director, whose elegance, craftsmanship and talent cannot be replicated by anyone else"

To be completely honest, when I first heard that The Irishman was going to be 3 hours and 15 minutes long, I was slightly concerned. No film can have that much to say. Well, no film went to such extreme lengths to tell a story about the Italian Mafia in New York, and only Martin Scorsese could ha...

by Federica Roberti