"A powerful and action filled film, about a young woman trying to succeed in her life-long dream, and being a full-time mum to her young daughter"

Written and Directed by Alice Winocour, with co-writer Jean Stephane Bron, this film is a rare one surrounding the life of astronauts with the film centring around the story of a young female French Astronaut named Sarah (Eva Green), who is training hard at the European Space Agency, based in Col...

by Sarah Morris


"Upon the opening scenes of the film, I felt this was going to be a good one, and that was proven to be the case."

The film starts with a young mother named Rachel (Caren Pistorius), who seems to be having a bit of a bad morning, where she is running late, experiencing difficulties with a divorce, and ends up in several queues of traffic no matter which way she goes to try and avoid it.

She ends up in...

by Sarah Morris


"a delicate mature love story with a melancholy undertone"

Written and Directed by Harry Macqueen, Supernova is a delicate mature love story with a melancholy undertone about two men trying to create as many memories as they can before it is too late.

The main protagonists are Tusker and Sam. One is an accomplished novelist and the other a great ...

by Federica Roberti

A Christmas Gift From Bob(2020)

"As emotional as it was, I enjoyed it"

If you have already seen the first film; A Street Cat Named Bob, you would already know the end of that film showed James Bowen and Bob had finally finding stability and security, and James had been offered a book deal, which accurately reflects on what happened in real life with Bob and James.

by Sarah Morris


"this intense thriller that keeps you hooked from start to finish"

I Just finished watching Spell and during the very well-crafted closing credits sequence I couldn't stop saying 'Damn that was a good movie'. 

Omari Hardwick stars as Marquis Woods , a man who has had a troublesome childhood that he had tried to run from his whole life by being successfu...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)

The Witches(2020)

"Anne Hathaway played a worthy successor to Anjelica huston as the new Grand High Witch"

I'm gonna do my very best to review this movie on its own merits, but I will also compare this to the original so with that said... the new witches movie is.... better than I thought it was gonna be... but only Just.

In late 1960's Alabama an orphaned boy (Jazhir Bruno) is raised by his g...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)