"has its heart in the right place, enough to bring in new fans of the beloved talking canine, whilst giving legacy fans enough to keep them engaged"

Scooby Doo has always had a special place in my heart, the beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon was first conceived in 1969, created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. The series follows Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and of course the titular Great Dane Scooby Doo on their adventures in their trusty van the Myst...

by Marc Jason Ali

The Ground Beneath My Feet(2020)

"an uncomfortable examination of elements of the world today, and a reminder in these time of the need for human contact and mental well-being"

In a world in which corporate exhaustion and mental health are prominent talking points, Marie Kreutzer’s The Ground Beneath My Feet is a timely examination of an isolated individual keeping her physical and career life on course whilst her neurotic state takes a battering.

Valerie Pach...

by Phil Slatter

Faulty Roots(2020)

"An emotional journey that inspires and gets the mind thinking about what is important in life"

The short film Faulty Roots is a good insight into mental health, friendship and loss. Written, directed, produced and acted by Ella Greenwood, this is truly a passion project for her, drawing from personal experiences and a topic close to her heart.

The three actors in the short really t...

by Sophia Jessica

Two Heads Creek(2020)

"A not so fun travel to the outback about not only finding family but yourself....In a village full of crazy cannibals."

Norman (Jordan Waller) owns a polish butchers, when his 'mother' dies he finds out that the woman who raised him wasn't his real mother and that she is from a small town in Australia called Two Heads Creek. So, Jordan and his sister Annabelle (Katlyn Wilder) embark on a journey to Australia to fi...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)

Lost Transmissions

"a classic indie film that pushes the audience to watch something uncomfortable and witness reality unfold on screen"

Set in contemporary LA, Lost Transmissions is a melancholic story about the American health system and its lack of support towards mental health disorders’ patients and their families. Directed by Katharine O’Brien, the film follows Hannah, an inspiring singer and song writer, who, after meet...

by Federica Roberti

The Social Ones(2020)

"A parody comedic film surrounding the lives of people who are social media influencers and nothing more"

Written and produced by Laura Kosann, this mockumentary parody focuses on how much social media influences our everyday lives, and how some people take social media seriously with unhealthy obsessions with social media influencers.

This mockumentary film stars Richard Kind, Stephanie Marc...

by Sarah Morris