"a perfectly well crafted family movie, with a really great cast; it's also funny without punching downwards"

Ryan Reynolds is the human equivalent of TNT when it comes to movies lately, be it superhero fare or comedy he's been on a roll for quite some time (we won’t mention Blade: Trinity or Green Lanturn). Add to that John Krasinski who seems to be similarly loved by the audience and you’ve got to ...

by Ben Peter Ward


"The world of Witch feels lived in and the film is well paced"

Directed by Marc Zammit marking his second feature after Homeless Ashes and Craig Hinde in his Directorial debut, Witch is an incredible slice of folk lore that is beautifully realised on screen and wonderfully acted by all involved with notable stand outs in Sarah Alexandra Marks as Twyla, Fabri...

by Marc Jason Ali

I Think She Did It(2024)

"Unraveling a Desperate Quest for Fame"

I Think She Did It (2024) is a captivating comedic mystery short film directed by Zack Travis, deftly exploring themes of identity and societal validation in the digital age. Salomé Robert-Murphy shines as the protagonist, skilfully portraying the journey from longing for attention to grappling ...

by Freya Mckenna


"It is precisely the use of the camera fixating on body movements, muscles and small details that pushes the audience to find beauty in every movement"

For people who love to watch competitive sports or really feel that adrenaline rush that only a really good tennis match will give you, Challengers channels precisely that energy and anticipation. 

The movie follows T...

by Federica Roberti

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire(2024)

"a great new entry into the Ghostbusters mythos"

The original Ghostbusters came out in 1984, so this could be considered a 40th anniversary celebration of the franchise, and what a celebration.

As a fan and being of a certain age I've been a fan, I grew up watching the original movies, The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters cart...

by Ben Peter Ward

Project Dorothy(2024)

"very slow build up to a movie that had plenty of potential"

Project Dorothy follows two men who botch a bank robbery and are on the run from the police when they attempt to hide out in an abandoned warehouse, where unbeknownst to them, it is home to an AI monster that is lurking inside desperate to escape and unleash terror upon not only the unlucky duo b...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)