If you are looking for the services we provide, which include VOD (Video On Demand) publishing, Indie Film Promotion, Video Production, Entertainment Promotion including News Articles, Homepage Spotlight inclusion for videos (trailers, promos, interviews etc.), Video and Written Interviews and more, please contact us on he What We Do which is located under “SERVICES” in the main menu or click here and you’ll be taken there straight away.

As well as being the red carpet for fans, The Fan Carpet also has a Network of Outlets that cover various aspects of Entertainment. Since 2004, The Fan Carpet has covered Film but as we grow in popularity and reach, we have brought onboard like minded outlets that cover aspects that we don’t necessarily cover or just aspects that we find cool and interesting!

Our Network includes Red Carpet News TV, London Rolling Film Festival, Xplore The WorldPremiere Scene, The Deleted Scene Podcast, Heartfelt With Hayet, Take Five, Phex & Regis, Speedy Enix Records, Get Acting Hub, Indiespring, Flitter Films, Movies on Weekends,CineLanguage, AL. AKP ProductionsPro Actors London, Screen Rebels, Miss Flicks (formerly The World of Celebrity), RD Casting and Tripod Productions.

On this page are links to our Network sites with a description about what they do. Please contact us if you would like to be considered to join our network.

Red Carpet News TV -Aims to bring you all the latest entertainment news, reviews  and exclusive red carpet video coverage. Premiere Scene -Specialists in reporting at Red Carpet events, Film Junkets and one to one celebrity interviews.

Heartfelt With Hayet –  Founded in 2021, Heartfelt With Hayet is a company dedicated to bringing you what matters.

lrfflogo_network1 London Rolling Film Festival – An event with the purpose of showcasing talented filmmakers and put them in contacts with industry professionals as actors, directors, producers but also make-up artists, fashion designers and journalists.
p+rlogo_network1 Phex & Regis – Our Video-On-Demand (VOD) Distribution Partner who also specialise in Audio Reproduction and Distribution. Speedy Enix Records – a new, innovative record label catering for raw, unsigned talent and independent musicians of all genres.

Get Acting Hub – Actors record a 1 #MinuteMonologue & tag us. We share it to help get them seen & discovered.
New monthly themes!

RD Casting – Talent Casting Agent run by Michael Moor.
islogo_network1 Indiespring – A Digital Agency led by experts, driven by insights and focused on results. Producing high quality, professional solutions at a fair price. Take Five – Around 5 minutes of weekly Canadian and English banter within the entertainment industry. Featuring Gaming, Tech & Film reviews.
Tripod ProductionsTripod Productions writes and produces exciting and thought provoking films and TV dramas to deliver top quality genre-defying entertainment. fflogo_network1 Flitter Films – An independent video production company operating out of Flitwick, Bedfordshire.
Movies On Weekends – Talking Movies and Making Them Too! The Deleted Scene PodcastOur official Podcast released every Wednesday talking about films and filmmaking and the world of media and anything that takes our interest.

Miss Flicks – (Formerly The World of Celebrity) – A site about movies, TV and music (but mostly movies). Check out the latest movie reviews, red carpet pictures and TV and music opinion pieces.

xtwlogo_network1 Xplore The World – Award winning Documentary Filmmakers.
cllogo_network1 CineLanguage – Filmmaker and lover of Film. AL. AKP Productions – a film collaborative. We strive bring together talent in both cast and crew from all over the Americas, Europe & United Kingdom and Asia & Oceania, into one central hub.
pallogo_network1 Pro Actors London – Based on trust and collaboration between proactive Actors who bring their expertise in different fields to the group, providing moral and technical support, for free. Screen Rebels – Film without the screen. A showcase of short film screenplays by emerging writers and performed by actors.