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Max Irons talks fan mail

Red Riding Hood
12 April 2011

Max Irons is a British rising star and son of acting legend Jeremy Irons and was in town for the Premiere of his latest film Red Riding Hood.

In Red Riding Hood he plays Henry Lazar, a love interest to Amanda Seyfried’s Valerie. The Fan Carpet caught up with him on the red carpet where he talks about hanging out with Amanda and being friends with fellow British hunk Robert Pattinson.


Do you like dark, fantasy, horror, romantic endings?

I’m a fan of both I think yeah. I was involved with this which has a sort of happy ending.

Have you had any interesting fan mail from anyone?

It’s funny, I had my first fan mail sent to my house; I haven’t read it yet though, but I’m very excited.


Were you able to hang out with Amanda on set?

I had a girlfriend at the time, so I wasn’t.


Did your father read you any good bedtime stories when you were younger?

I would’ve been too young to remember it, that’s the thing about fairytales; you’re told them when you’re so small so the psychological undertones stay with you.


Has he seen you in Red Riding Hood?

No, and he’s not coming tonight.


You don’t want him to see it?

There are too many things to deal with, I don’t want to deal with that.


There are lots of comparisons with Robert Pattinson obviously, do you feel in competition for certain roles?

No, well you are in competition but we are English so we have to be decent about it, he’s a great actor with the world at his feet.


Are you guys friends?

I don’t know him. I’d love to meet him, seems like a nice fella.


What do you look for in a girlfriend?

Honesty, kindness and a whole bunch of things.


Were there any fun anecdotes or jokes on set?

You should ask Amanda when she comes down; she’s got a filthy sense of humour, terribly off-putting, my first take, I was terrified, a boy from England – the only guy there and she asked me about my personal sexual activities on my very first take. At which point I lost my lines and they all thought ‘look at that amateur’.



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