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Georgina Wahed talks to Amber Heard and Bruce Robinson at the European Premiere of The Rum Diary

07 November 2011

London's Kensington played host to the star studded premiere of The Rum Diary where Hollywood star Johnny Depp, his gorgeous leading lady Amber Heard and writer/director Bruce Robinson were in attendance.

The Fan Carpet's Georgina Wahed hit the red carpet and was lucky enough to speak to Amber Heard and Bruce Robinson.

When asked about her character, Amber Heard said "Chenault is superficially the archetype of the femme fatale, the leading lady, the house wife in the making. A part of the elite class, a symbol, in many ways a status symbol for the elite class and she on the inside is the opposite of that; she's a rebel, she's a free spirited, rebellious, independent young woman who is in many ways trapped by her surroundings and is just waiting to fall in love with someone like Johnny Depp."

Speaking about how he got the job writing and directing The Rum Diary, Bruce Robinson said "I had known Johnny for about twenty years, and there was a little talk about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which I didn't want to be a director anymore so I said no to that. When this came up, both Ian and Hunter Thompson said let's see if Bruce will want to do it. I was leased to write the screenplay, but not so leased to be directing.

And weird it was to be bullied by the world's number one film star 'you are doing it, you are going to do it'."

When speaking about adapting the book to a screenplay Robinson added "I had to change the book quite a lot to make it into a screenplay, how long did it take? six months. The book has two lead characters, and I couldn't find what the motor drive of this screenplay was because of these two leads, until I suddenly realised Hunter Thompson had cut himself into two characters for the book, as soon as I realised that, I was able to write the script cause I just elbowed one of the characters and anything I needed from him became Johnny's part."

Heard added "I've been a fan of Hunter S. Thompson for a long time, I loved this book it's so sweet, it's such an innocent, kind of ernest approach to a ride that Hunter S. Thompson takes you on."

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