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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is richer than the Royals

19 October 2010

We know that at 21 you're supposed to get the key to door, but no-body said anything about that door being to Buckingham Palace. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe could now probably buy a set of those keys, as it has been revealed that he is richer than Princes William and Harry. 

The actor now has a personal fortune of £28.5 million and the Princes have £28 according to The Economic Times.com. According to financial records published last week by Gilmore Jacobs, his fortune breaks down as follows: Investments worth £18 Million, £6 Million connected with his film work and £3 Million in the bank.

As well as a cool £3 Million in the bank, Radcliffe has four properties, a flat in London, and three in New York, which apparently he spent £100,00 decorating!

So move aside Harry, as the star gets older and more film roles come pouring in, along with the money, Mr.Radcliffe is going to be England's hottest property and most desirable bachelor, so form an orderly or slightly manic queue now.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the first of two final instalments in the saga is out in UK cinemas on November the 19th.