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Law phones in his next performance

22 September 2009

Jude Law's new film is coming to a mobile phone near you.

The actor plays a drag artist in Rage, but you will only see his performance on your mobile phone.

Director Sally Potter told WENN, "We don't know how this is going to work, especially since it is the first ever feature on cellphones. We're making it up as we go along and taking the plunge and taking the risk. There's so much terror in the film industry at the moment about piracy, people stealing you idea and making money off it - and the only way I found of dealing with that is to say, 'Here, have it' If you keep looking over your shoulder, you don't trailblaze.

She added, "It's not necessarily a great money spinner. At the moment I'm in debt but the great advantage of being in debt means you've got nothing to lose."

The experimental movie will be launched later this week. To find out more, check the site:

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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