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New Moon director hits out at negative reviews

28 November 2009

New Moon's Chris Weitz has spoken out over the bad reviews to the film.

New Moon has taken over £170 million since its worldwide release on November 20, but reviews have generally been less than positive over the film.

Weitz told Entertainment Weekly, "Nothing surprises me in terms of reviews. Having been a reviewer myself, there are only two ways to spin this story.

"You can either be the one guy who says this is a great movie, or more likely, take a more jaundiced view of the whole thing. And given the media blitz that has accompanied New Moon, it's rather unsurprising. I do wish there was more appreciation for cinematographer Javier Aguirreasrobe. I think he's a genius, and I think he made something beautiful."

He added, "What I've realized over the last week is I won't necessarily get good reviews for this movie. Having swallowed that, this was made for the fans, and if you don't get it, then you don't get it."

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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