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Romero to write zombie book

02 October 2009

Zombie maestro George Romero has been given a reported $300,000 advance to pen his debut novel.

Entitled The Living Dead, it will reveal the origin of the zombie attack that plagued his series of classic films including Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

Headline publisher Vicki Mellor said, "There is no one more qualified to write a zombie novel. You just have to look on the internet and around the world at the enthusiasm with which Romero, and zombies, are greeted, to see that there's a huge amount of potential for these books."

Zombies have become hugely popular in the literary world, but Mellor insists the Romero novel will stand out from the crowded market.

"We are very aware that there is going to be an explosion of zombie novels being published over the next year, but we absolutely believe that we have the definitive novel from the one author whom every fan of the genre will want to read."

The Living Dead will be released next year.

Source: Yahoo! Movies