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This Week on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend: Actress Casey Wilson

16 March 2015

Actress Casey Wilson Discusses The Rumors Of Happy Ending’s Return, Feeling Like Saturday Night Live Was Not A Good Fit For Her, And An Emotional Audition Experience Following A Painful Loss

Los Angeles – Comedic actress Casey Wilson, currently starring in the NBC sitcom Marry Me and Hulu’s reality TV parody series The Hotwives, sits down with acclaimed journalist and podcaster Alison Rosen on Monday’s Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast to discuss her pregnancy (0:01:18), her upbringing and being raised by “Type A” parents (0:06:26), the rumors about the potential return of Happy Endings (0:25:53), feeling out of place on the set of Saturday Night Live (0:43:17), and she succumbs to tears when opening up about losing her mother to a heart attack (0:46:42).

“The last time I spoke to my mom, I just moved out to L.A. and my agent called and said there was an audition for the Christopher Guest movie For Your Consideration and I was like ‘Oh my God, I have to call my mom’. [She and I] loved Christopher Guest and she was very excited, but then she passed away of a heart attack that night, so obviously I didn’t even think about that audition for a couple months. Of course I missed it and they went on and filmed the movie. (0:47:36)”

Then, about 8 months later, she got a call about another audition for the same movie—they were adding in another scene and wanted to see her. She went in for it and was convinced she had bombed.

“I was crying in the car because I was, like, ‘How could I have blown this?’ And then they called me and said that I got it… So that just, sort of, I felt like that was my mom. (0:48:30)”

A few years later, Casey was cast on Saturday Night Live, where she spent two seasons.

“I actually had a great experience [on SNL], but I think it just wasn’t a great fit. You know when you’re on a sports team and you’re on the bench and you want to be put in? Nobody likes that feeling of not being able to do what you love (0:43:17). I’m not putting myself on a pedestal, but I just think I’m more of an actress instead of a sketch performer and I kind of felt that right away, that my skill set wasn’t jiving there (0:44:07). It sort of felt like when you go to a party and you’re wandering around but no one introduces you. It’s not a comfortable feeling. So when I got Happy Endings a couple months later I was so happy creatively and it was life changing to feel comfortable and feel like you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. (0:44:40)”

Casey had a starring role as Penny on the critically acclaimed ABC sitcom Happy Endings, which ran for three seasons (2011 – 2013). She started dating her now husband, the creator of Happy Endings David Caspe, about a year into the production of the show.

“The only piece of advice he’d been given by ABC was ‘Don’t date any of the actresses’. So he very firmly told me ‘I really like you, but I can’t do this.’ I was very sad for a few months and then when I tried dating other people he said, ‘Well, maybe we should try this’. (0:27:35)”

Recent cryptic tweets from the Happy Endings writer’s official Twitter account (@happywrites) have sparked rumors of a possible return for a fourth season of the beloved sitcom. Last week, E! Online wrote “This is either the best news in a very long time for TV fans… Or the cruelest trick that has ever been played on anyone ever.”

Casey told Alison “I think it might be our writers assistant joking around, and unfortunately I don’t think it’s a welcome joke for everyone (0:25:53). I don’t love that [someone] did that, to be honest. To my knowledge there’s nothing moving forward, I apologize if it got anyone excited. (0:26:46)”

“Breaking hearts!” Alison responded.

A not-so-happy ending to this rumor’s tale.

You can watch Casey Wilson on the very funny Marry Me sitcom on NBC and the first season of The Hotwives is available on Hulu.

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