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Will Poulter and stars praise director Dexter Fletcher at the premiere for Wild Bill

20 March 2012

Stars of the upcoming film Wild Bill were full of praise for their director Dexter Fletcher at the film's première in central London last night.

Set to hit our screens on Friday 23 March, Fletcher's directorial debut is a thrilling British gangster drama, telling the story of one's man journey into a former, violent lifestyle he had attempted to run away from.

That man, affectionately known as 'Wild Bill' is played by the vastly experienced Charlie Creed-Miles, who had very kind words to say of Fletcher, someone he has been friends with now for over two decades.

"Dexter is definitely up there with the best directors I have worked with, he's a real natural and has taken to it like a duck to water. I'm a little bit blown away by it all really,"
Creed-Miles said.

For someone who has worked under the directorship of Luc Besson, Gary Oldman and Clint Eastwood, his praise for Fletcher is very overwhelming - and he doesn't stop there either.

"Not all actors necessarily make a good director but he's done a brilliant job of this. He asked me to do it straight off the back and gave me the script and I said, "let's do it" and he said, "well, I'll try and get the money" and I thought that'll be the last I hear of this, and a few months later he gave me a call and said "we're in".

"We're old pals, we've been friends for years and for that reason it's unlike any other actor/director relationship I've had in the past and a very unique experience," Creed-Miles finished.

Praise for Fletcher continued over the course of the evening, as star of the film Will Poulter told The Fan Carpet, "It's one of those things where you usually have to say it, but honestly, Dexter is one of the most phenomenal directors, such a natural and he took to it with so much ease," he continued.

"He has generosity and time and patience and I am very grateful for the opportunity he gave me."

Poulter, star of Son of Rambow, also commented on the camaraderie on set; "It was incredible to do, I had an absolute blast and as hard as it was there was still an amazing atmosphere on set and everyone was very close and very passionate."

Liz White, who terrified us all in her recent portrayal of The Woman in Black, is also a star of the feature, playing vulnerable prostitute Roxy, and she also spoke highly of Fletcher's work.

"Dexter is just a gem and he gave beautifully accurate notes and he's been an actor himself for 40 odd years and he knows when to step back and give us some space and when to step in, he had endless enthusiasm and it was just really inspiring."

Fletcher, 46, a star of the highly-successful Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as well as the HBO series Band of Brothers, had a host of old friends and colleagues turning out to support what is his very first film as a director, including Lock Stock co-workers Nick Moran and Jason Flemyng, and the latter, who stars in Wild Bill, also had some very kind words for his old pal, to round off a somewhat jovial evening.

"Dexter is an amazing and generous and wonderful bloke," he simply stated.

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