Jane Goodale (ASHLEY JUDD) is a young woman living in New York who is determined to succeed both professionally as a talent booker for a popular talk show, as well as romantically. When the show’s dashing new executive producer Ray Brown (GREG KINNEAR) begins to woo Jane, she is on top of the world. Soon Ray’s uttering those three little words, and the besotted couple find a cozy love nest to share. But when Ray inexplicably cools their sizzling hot romance, Jane is absolutely floored – and unmoored.In order to survive the breakup, Jane searches fervently for an explanation of Ray’s behavior and thinks she’s found it, in of all places, the animal world. Discovering an eerie correlation between men and their bestial brethren, Jane researches animal mating habits. 

Because Jane gave up her apartment when she was about to move in with Ray, she must frantically search for a new place. She finds a “home” of sorts, plus some inspiration, in the most unexpected of places: Her womanizing co-worker Eddie Alden (HUGH JACKMAN) not only provides her with a spare bedroom but with a prototypical example of the male animal to study. 

Jane shares this newfound knowledge with her equally single friend Liz (MARISA TOMEI), an editor at a men’s magazine, who convinces her to write a pseudonymous sex column. Jane’s column quickly becomes a sensation and she unwittingly finds herself the most talked-about woman in the nation. 

But despite Jane’s attempts to de-mystify romance, and as things heat up between her and Eddie, Jane finds that after all, the human heart – even a man’s – is more complicated than mere instinct.




July 20, 2001


Tony Goldwyn


Elizabeth Chandler & Laura Zigman (novel)


20th Century Fox


Comedy, Romance




97 minutes