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A Dream Destination: Tale As Old As Time: A Conversation with Scarlett Moffatt


On Saturday 8th April 2017, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida will play host to the UK’s favourite entertainers, Ant and Dec, as their BAFTA and NTA award-winning ITV television programme, Saturday Night Takeaway, is broadcast live from Magic Kingdom. The co-hosts and special guests will fly over to Orlando with Virgin Holidays and experience the endless magic of all four Walt Disney World theme parks and two water adventure parks and will make history by being the first British show to broadcast an entire live episode from Magic Kingdom. Ant and Dec will be joined for the special show by celebrity guests, and will stage all their usual stunts, performances and competitions in front of the winning viewers and Virgin Holidays guests.

Throughout the series, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway will be giving away 50 prize packages where the winner and up to three guests each will win a holiday to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, where they will be part of the audience of the live broadcast of Saturday Night Takeaway at Magic Kingdom and receive a $2,500 Disney gift card.

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, the magical journey will begin for 200 lucky prize winners plus VIP guests as Virgin Holidays kicks off the party with a cocktail reception at the new v-room airport lounge at Gatwick Airport, before guests board a Virgin Holidays plane chartered especially for Saturday Night Takeaway. After a fun-filled flight they will have six days to enjoy the delights of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, before being special audience members of the series finale of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.



You said Disney would be your dream destination for the end of series finale, why?

Walt Disney Resort in Florida is just the most magical place on earth. It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone just loves Disney. There is something here for everybody. Because the show is family orientated and has a magical feel, especially The End of Show Show and all the audience hits, it’s nice to be somewhere that makes dreams come true, which is what we do on the show. It just feels like the perfect setting for Saturday Night Takeaway. I’d been to Disneyland Paris before with my little sister, but coming here is a childhood dream come true as I’ve wanted to come here ever since I can remember. I sing everywhere I go as well, even though I can’t sing, and here you can just sing around everywhere you go, and no one looks at you!


If you had to choose a Disney princess to play you in the movie of your life who would it be!

Belle in Beauty and the Beast – she is a little bit different and I’ve always been told I was a bit different. I love to read like her. She’s proper girl power and I’ve always watched it and felt like I can relate to her – apart from the fancying beasts bit! Plus, who doesn’t want a kettle to be your friend?


What’s your favourite Disney film of all time and why?

Beauty and the Beast. Just because as a little girl, I feel like whatever colour hair you have, you relate to that princess. So because Belle has brown hair, I was like ‘this is me.’


What’s been the best part of being here so far?

Just being here! The End of Show Show is just going to be amazing. It’s the most ambitious one we’ve done all series. Because of course we’re in unknown territory. But it will be amazing – the live audience, seeing people in the park, dressing up…it’s brilliant.


Did you feel the pressure more on your first show or this show?

Obviously I get a little bit nervous, because nerves show that you care. But I never feel under pressure from anybody other than myself because I want to do well and I want to do the boys proud. But the first episode was so nerve wracking because it was completely unknown to me.



Describe your relationship with Ant and Dec…

I would say that we’re pals! They’re really helpful. They help me in every aspect, whether it’s just friendly banter or with work. With this they’ve help me a lot with the technical aspect.


It’s been super hot – are you a sun worshipper or do you hide away in the heat?

I feel like you can’t be one of those people that moans about it being too hot. Those people annoy me! Just enjoy wherever you are. And I love the sun. Factor 50 and I’m fine!


How have you been spending your downtime?

We’ve been on some attractions. We went on Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, where I met Ariel. I also met Princess Aurora. My family are coming out today so obviously after the show I can’t wait to see them. My little sister is living the dream of what I would have wanted when I was ten. We’re staying out for about a week.


When you started on Takeaway you talked about learning the craft of presenting and said your mum gave you a 6 out of 10 – do you think you’ve got higher marks yet?

I haven’t got to the 7 yet but I feel like this episode she’ll just give us a 10 outright.


You started your career critiquing other people on television and now you’re on the other side – which role is easier?

Obviously it’s so much easier commenting on how other people are on TV. I’ve learnt a lot since then. It’s so weird because I watched an old Gogglebox back the other day and it doesn’t even feel like that’s me when I watch it back. I was like ‘why are you saying that?’ because now that I’m on TV I realise just how difficult it is. When you just watch it you don’t realise all the hours and work that goes into it. Even when I watched the jungle back, I’d think ‘it can’t be that bad’and now I’ve done it I realise how difficult it can be.


What’s been your most embarrassing moment on the series so far?

I don’t think I’ve had any yet, touch wood!

Ant & Dec Saturday Night Take Away @ Disney World | Ant & Dec Interview



Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway comes live from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida with Virgin Holidays on Saturday 8th April at 7pm on ITV

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