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EXCLUSIVE: BIC’s Write and Shine Competition: A Conversation with Bethan Leadley

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Multi-talented Singer, Songwriter,4Music TV Host, Actress and YouTube sensation Bethan Leadley, has teamed up with Europe’s leading stationery brand, BIC® to give one young budding lyricist an amazing opportunity to get a break in the music industry, just by putting pen to paper.

By getting lyrical with a BIC® 4 Colours™ Shine pen, one talented songwriter aged 15 to 24 from across the UK will win the chance to go in studio with Bethan and a crew of music industry professionals to produce their song.

The winner will have their song performed – or could perform it themselves on stage with Bethan – in front of thousands of people on the main stage at The Big Feastival on Saturday 26 August. The festival, which takes place at Alex James’ farm in The Cotswolds, has a line-up that also includes Olly Murs, Louisa Johnson, Ella Eyre, Betsy, Frances and many more.

Throughout the process, they’ll be rubbing shoulders with talent agents, music producers and professional songwriters to give them an amazing behind the scenes look at how the music industry works and even a chance to get their foot in the door.

In our interview, The Fan Carpet‘s Marc Jason Ali spoke exclusively to Bethan about the BIC® Write and Shine Competition, her career, getting laser surgery, Summer in the City and her eagerly awaited debut Album…



So what was it about BIC that made you decide to lend your name to their music competition?

Well there’s a few different reasons, I mean 1. Obviously everyone knows it’s a big company and it was really cool that they came to me for the competition with such a big name, it’s such a big brand, and I really liked the ideas that they had for the competition and how they wanted to help young songwriters and give other people an opportunity, because I feel like these days you know (people are like?) being in a competition that gives songwriters a chance and (kind of?) give them an idea as to what the industry is like, I think is a really really cool thing. And so that’s the reason I decided to (can’t make out) I wanted to be a part of it because I feel like there needs to be, a lot of people really don’t know (can’t make out next few parts) music industry, songwriting industry and I just thought it would be a really cool thing for young people or one young person to experience.


Did you contact them or did they contact you and how did that process shape up?

Yeah yeah they contacted me, they came to me with the idea and said “you know we like your music, we like the things you do on YouTube” and yeah that was obviously really really cool. And so yeah they contacted me and I just really really liked the competition idea and we got things moving really quickly and we kind of went back and forth about what we wanted it to be and what to include and what to judge on, but we got there, to a point where we sad “Yeah this is a great idea, this is a great competition.”

It was hard to keep so quiet about it, because it had been a really really trying time and I was just so so excited for the competition to start and tell people about it and I can’t wait to start getting the entries.


I bet there’s been a few already…

Yeah there have, I haven’t seen any of them yet because they’re not sent to me, they’re sent to someone else who is compiling them all for us to have a look at, but I’m really excited.

There’s been a couple of people who have been tweeting me saying “I’m sending mine off now, I’m pretty nervous”.

I’m just really really thrilled that people want to get involved so much that we’ve had all age groups get involved.


Yeah that’s great and also YouTube is quite a good platform for that sort of thing, well it’s launched your career, you’re now on 4Music?

Yeah I’m on 4Music now.



To fit everything in, it must be a scheduling nightmare at times…

The BIC competition is definitely there’s a lot to do in such a short space of time into and with everything else going on in my life, I’m currently working on other projects outside of it and doing 4Music, yeah it’s been really really hectic at the moment (can’t make out because of background noise) excited to get going and start judging.


Is judging something you’ve always wanted to do or did you feel like that was the natural progression for your career?

Yeah, I mean I felt at this point, although I am quite young, I’ve never been asked to judge anything before, but I feel like I have good taste, I hope anyway, and I’m excited to do it.

I’ve seen a lot of singer/songwriters, and I think there’s a lot of things out there who really make a good song. Yeah it’s really nice to be given the opportunity to you know share my opinions and obviously it’s not just me as well, there’s the songwriters judging the thing and I’m sure (can’t make out next few words. So I’m hoping that someone will really stick out to us and we’ll be just like “WOW you’re amazing” and I feel like they’ll be a few people out there who we feel will have really blow us away.


How big is the judging panel? You mentioned they’re other people. Are these people that you’ve worked with before or just people you’re keen to work with now?

No I’ve never worked with these guys before, they kind of come from all over the industry, (can’t make out) songwriters, some of them (will have degrees?) and that as well and yes their all very much industry professionals so they probably have more credentials than I have.

Yeah so I am (can’t make out next few words) (crossings of two people?) (I haven’t worked with them before?) but I’m very excited to get down and (go through things?) (can’t make out last word).

Don’t sell yourself short you’re very very good and very talented.

Oh thank you very much.


I watch your stuff all the time. You just had laser surgery, are you fully recovered now?

Yeah yeah, surprisingly I do really feel like it wasn’t a long recovery time, I don’t really get dry eyes any more, it’s been really good and it’s helped with my presenting so I can actually see the tele prompter without any troubles. So yeah it’s been great, it’s like I’ve already forgotten about it, the recovery time was so quick and I’m really glad I got it done.


Cool. Obviously you’ve got SitC {Summer in the City) and a few other things in the pipeline, anything you can tell us about?

Yeah I’m about to start working on my set for SitC soon, it’s kind of one of those things where it really crept up on me because there’s so many things going on in my life right now, so I’ll begin putting a set together soon.

Kinda crazy how in exactly a month [of the time of the interview] and yeah I need to hurry up and get my butt into gear (both laugh) (can’t make out) Yeah I want to give the best performance I have yet, and I think it’s the Saturday I’m playing.

I think I’m playing on the Saturday, I’m not sure, I think it’s the Saturday that I’m playing, yes it’s definitely the Saturday that I’m playing. Yeah I’m really excited, I play every year and it’s just so nice to see people who keep coming back every year and it’s just a way to each up with friends I don’t get to see much of, it’s really great for the community to come together.


Are you going to be making an album soon? I’d be remised if I didn’t ask you that.

An album? We haven’t talked about making an album just yet, I am working on new music though, hopefully I’ll be bringing that out fairly soon but yeah just keep your eyes peeled.

Will do, I watch your channel… every week you release a new video I’m always there watching it.

Thank you

No worries. I enjoy your covers, but I prefer your original stuff.

Thank you. I’ve not released anything new in a while, because I’ve been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes and I don’t want to give too much away.


Yeah no worries. Obviously I know I keep going back to it but it is just around the corner, are there any YouTube stars that you’re eager to meet that you haven’t met yet?

Oh YouTube stars. It’s really weird because I feel like as I’m getting older I’m becoming more and more out of depth with YouTube over who the next big YouTuber is.

There’s a lot of YouTubers that I really really enjoy watching… Is there anybody that I haven’t met yet? I’m trying to think, do you know what, I don’t know I’m just used to catching up my friends those are definitely people I’ll see.

Yeah yeah I’m just excited to see my friends again and hang out, we always have such a great time and we always make it fun, yeah I’m just excited for another year of having fun and doing my thing and seeing my friends, so yeah.

Find out more about the BIC® Write and Shine Competition here and keep up-to-date with Bethan Leadley on Twitter and YouTube.

Catch Bethan at Summer in the City from August 4 til August 6 at ExCcel Exhibition Centre



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