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Joel Silver, Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer and Shane Black talk about The Nice Guys at the European Press Conference

The Nice Guys

 From the filmmakers behind the iconic Lethal Weapon series and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes summer 2016 release THE NICE GUYS, starring Hollywood all-stars Russell Crowe (Gladiator, LA Confidential) and Ryan Gosling (Drive, Crazy Stupid Love). Directed by pioneering writer/director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon) and produced by Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, The Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, Die Hard).

THE NICE GUYS follows wise-cracking detective Holland March (Gosling) and hard-edged enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) as an unlikely duo, investigating the apparent suicide of a young porn star in 1970s downtown Los Angeles. Also featuring Kim Basinger (LA Confidential), Matt Bomer (Magic Mike) and introducing talented young star Angourie Rice as March’s daughter ‘Holly’.

The Fan Carpet’s Jessen Aroonachellum in association with Acting Hour was in attendance at the European Press Conference attended by Producer Joel Silver, Writer/ Director Shane Black, Matt Bomer who plays John Boy and Russell Crowe who plays Jackson Healy…




Where did you get this idea for this film?

Shane Black (Director): It was kind of a bone deep DNA since I raided theses kinda of books from my father’s book shelf. My writing partner; Anthony Bagarozzi and I decided there wasn’t enough Private I movies and tough types like Lee Marvin etc. So, we set out to write this, I would do one character and he would do the other. You can’t writer like that. However, we did manage to write over the years and fail upwards something till we got the right actors and thirteen years later it magical work together. And we happy with the film.

Joel Silver (Producer): I’ve know Shane for over 30 years and we worked on many movies together. We tried to make, ‘Nice Guys’ over the years as a TV series but after Shane did Iron Man 3, he could do any film he wants and he wanted to do ‘Nice Guys’. Then we stared to talk about and the Russell Crowe liked it and Ryan Gosling wanted to work with Russell and that how the movie came together.


You can write chemistry in a script and they are good chemistry and there is great chemistry, Russell what was it like to work with Ryan and was it fun to play?

Russell Crowe: Yeah, you can’t manufacture that, you either got it or you don’t. It’s about listening. It doesn’t matter what improv he does, I can go with him and it goes both ways. That’s that all you seeing on screen.


Was it fun to play John Boy, one of the villains of the film?

Matt Bomer: Oh, yeah, it is always fun to play with these colours and play a role you’re not use to and to work with these guys who I am a fan of. Shane and Joel are big part of my cinematic childhood and to watch two of my favourite actors create these characters and every take was different. It was educational for me…

Russell: I could have made it work without Ryan being with me… (Audience laugh)


Your bromance with Ryan, a lot funny scenes, did you follow the script or did you improv?

Russell: The great thing about Shane is that he is in part of his career where he trusts the people he works with. We are both very respectful of the script. However, we both make suggestions and Shane trust us to be within the spirit of the script. Some of it was in the moment and you just go with it.




What was it like working with Kim Basinger since L.A Confidential?

Russell: It was great seeing Kim again. We talked about and we both realise it was a decade since we last saw each other. We spend so many hours together on L.A Confidential that we became close friend and that the funny thing about this business you might not see someone for years but if you are connected you are connected. It was fun to see her but it was a very different work experience this time.


Were there any issues with corpsing between you and Ryan?

Russell: This is what I love about this country, it knows what corpsing is. If you take 26 years of my career, it’s less than any week I worked with Ryan. This little bastard makes me laugh.


What was it like working with the younger cast members on the film?

Joel: We are blessed with a talented cast. The little girl (Angourie Rice) she was thirteen when we made the movie. She was incredible and all her little friends and Jack Kilmer (Val Kilmer’s son) were all great.

Russell: We made a joke that Angourie was the most mature person on set. It was joke but it was true. She was always prepared and gave everything she had, she’s had limited experience, but a fine intellect and enthusiasm to the craft which was great. To get her to that place of comfort, as well as the work Shane did with her, Ryan put a lot of effort into that, a few days ago we had a chat and I said ‘I knew you’d be a great Dad after seeing that, because he was gentle with her, patient with her and open with her, and she just started to flower, so it was really cool.

Shane: I want to stress, she was so open, I’ve read reviews and told her that she is mention and she doesn’t realise. She doesn’t realise how good she is and thank god we found her when we did.


How do you pitch some of the more surreal moments of the film?

Shane: Well, you pitch it to Joel and sometime he looks at and says “You, what?” but we are both on same wavelength. After Iron Man 3, I went back to Joel, I went back to the well.


Where would you like to take the characters and Russell where you like to see the character to go?

Shane: I like the idea of it being time locked franchise so it will never reach the present. Something in the 80s, maybe

Russell: It’s funny idea about these films that people think about sequels but when it just doesn’t happens! For some reason Ryan and I think the idea of ‘Nice Guys: Mexican Detectives’ is hilarious and I don’t know why.




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