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With The Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic The Latest James Bond 007 Adventure NO TIME TO DIE Set For Release In Fall 2020

13 July 2020

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to daily life, and has changed what many people used to take for granted. With the restrictions imposed on public gatherings globally, it is virtually impossible to have any sort of public event, be it sports events or cultural events. Therefore it is no surprise that some of the biggest movies of the summer have all had their release dates pushed back, as movie theaters are yet to open in most places across the globe.

The likes of Black Widow and Tenet, two of the most anticipated movies of the summer, have all been pushed to release dates later in the year, with doubts still in place about whether even those dates can be met. Similarly, the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die, has also been pushed to a November release date from its original April release, due to the pandemic. This is just a small setback for the movie, as it will mark Daniel Craig’s last outing as the iconic 007, and thus is guaranteed to be a huge hit whenever it hits the big screen. Thus it makes sense that the movie release is postponed as long as movie theaters cannot function normally, as the producers would otherwise be foregoing hundreds of millions of dollars in box office revenue.



Daniel Craig started his journey as Bond with the 2005 movie Casino Royale, which was a reboot of the franchise and showed Craig as a novice 007 agent, who earns his stripes through the course of the movie. The setting of the movie, with a casino game for real money as the backdrop for a high-stakes poker game between Bond and the main villain, Le Chiffre, was extremely important, as the plot points and story set the scene for Craig’s entire run as Bond.

He followed that up with Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre, with all of these movies building on the plot of Casino Royale. Craig has been called the best James Bond since the iconic Sean Connery, which will be quiet vindication for the actor after there was some outrage when he was cast initially for the role. His blonde hair and blue eyes were considered atypical for the role of Bond, but he has won fans and critics over with his portrayal of the famous secret agent as a human with feelings, rather than an emotionless killer and womanizer.

A number of characters will be reprising their roles, with the likes of Q and Moneypenny set to play important roles here as well after being reintroduced to the series in Skyfall, following their absence in the first two of Craig’s Bond movies. Christoph Waltz also returns as Bond’s nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, while newly-minted Academy Award winner Rami Malek plays a mysterious villain. There are rumours that he is actually playing iconic Bond villain Dr. No, but these have not been confirmed yet and fans will have to watch the movie to see if there is any truth to them.

No Time To Die will mark the end of an era with Craig’s departure from the 007 role. He has set the bar extremely high and put the franchise in good hands, with his four movies so far grossing over $3 billion at the box office. The franchise is set to move in a more inclusive direction, with Lashana Lynch also appearing in this movie as a female 00 agent, and it is likely that the next Bond could be a woman, or a person of colour, or both. Nevertheless, fans are waiting for Craig’s swansong as 007, and if the earlier movies are any indication, it is set to be another top-notch performance from the British actor.

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