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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Off to Renew Vows

09 October 2010

Amist the scandal that Ashton Kutcher is cheating on wife Demi Moore, they catch a flight from LAX to Israel to renew their vows yesterday.

The alleged mistress of Ashton has now claimed the actor and his wife Demi Moore have an open relationship and often engage in threesomes.

Brittney Jones said:

"Ashton said he and Demi have an open relationship and have threesomes often," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

Ashton looks hunted in the photo taken at LAX yesterday. Hes always been a fan of the press and using it for positivity. It seems every good thing turns bad. Something tells us that this won't be the last we hear about Ashton's conquests, at least, not if the tabloids have anything to do with it.

Aww such a cute couple, is anyone else feeling a little sorry for them?

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