"you’ll smile, you’ll laugh and this genuinely made my heart happy to watch"

Ryan Reynolds is the human equivalent of TNT when it comes to movies lately, be it superhero fare or comedy he's been a roll for quite some time (we won’t mention Blade: Trinity). Add to that, John Krasinski seems to be similarly loved by the audience and you’ve got a winning formula.

Regardless of this IF has a very good premise; what if there was essentially an “Agency” that re-united adults with their imaginary friends from their childhood, what trailers didn’t reveal is the real story… or perhaps the perfect background or “B” story which is a young heroine, who experiences a huge loss, in this case her mother due to illness and has to make sure she keeps up that tough exterior when he dad gets sick.

IF is a perfectly well crafted family movie, with a really great cast. It's also funny without punching downwards, which to be honest is a lot rarer than it seems.. Cailey Fleming is our main character Elisabeth or Bea, she has been in and around Hollywood for years previously having roles in “The Walking Dead” and Rise of the Skywalker. She has a tidy little career under her belt already and if IF is anything to go by, she has a long future ahead of her, masterfully playing both the tough kid and the one in turmoil.

John Krasinski pulls triple duty once again as he stars in and also wrote and directs, this defiantly shows he’s a man of many talents. Ryan Reynolds' trademark brand of humour is all over this as well, with that in mind it’s a struggle to think of anyone who fits his Cal any better, watch out for a surprise twist near the end.

Another area which this movie thrives in is its voice cast, it is impeccable, so many will reach out and grab and you there some real heavy hitters in there, Steve Carrel is Blue, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is Blossom, Bradley Cooper is Ice and Brad Pitt is KEITH! Who has to be seen to be believed (This is funnier once you have seen it).

Whilst music isn’t the main focus as opposed to other films, there are couple of nice pieces of music and mixed with great visuals are a pleasure to watch this is an utter joy in IMAX and overall feels like a great inclusion.

To summarise, often people say that this film or that is a real feel good hit or comes with great energy, but IF really does, you’ll smile, you’ll laugh and this genuinely made my heart happy to watch. It embraces seeing the world through a much more child like and innocent lense. Take the family and embrace that child like sense of wonder, remember if you forget your If, then you never get to see them again and sometimes that’s all that you need.

Solid 4.5 out of 5 rating, I can’t recommend it more, even better when ,you’ve had a rubbish week leading up to it.