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03 January 2019

It’s January, it’s dark, it’s miserable and the magic of Christmas is over. So why not prescribe yourself a duvet day and settle down for Sony Movie Channel’s ‘Beat The Blues’ Comedy marathon on Sunday 20th January.

With a back to back roster of side-splitting comedy favourites, it’s the perfect antidote ahead of Blue Monday and will be airing from 12pm to 12am....

The full schedule will include:

See No Evil, Hear No Evil – 12.30pm
Gene Wilder plays Dave, the deaf proprietor of a newsstand and employer of blind gambler Wally (Richard Pryor). When Wally's bookie is shot and killed at the stand, Dave and Wally are arrested for the crime. Since the deaf Dave had his back turned and didn't see the crime, while the blind Wally only heard it, the clues they have to offer the police are slim.



City Slickers – 2.25pm
Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) a middle aged big-city ads salesman and his friends, Ed and Phil are going through a collective early mid-life crisis. The only way to solve their mid-thirties dilemma is to go on a two week cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado.



Ghostbusters 2 – 4.45pm
Ivan Reitman's sequel to the phenomenally successful Ghostbusters opens five years after the original and finds the four fearless slime fighting heroes living on hard times. After waging a war against ghosts that cost New York City millions, they find themselves out of business. However, they are soon called upon to pick up their proton packs once more and battle the forces of evil.



Step Brothers – 9pm
Two aimless middle-aged men still living at home are forced to become roommates when their parents marry. Brennan (Will Ferrell) and Dale’s (John C Reilly) narcissism pull the family apart, forcing them to work together to repair their parent’s marriage.



Not Another Teen Movie – 11pm
American parody teen comedy starring Chris Evans as the popular football jock who has the uphill task of transforming Janey, the unpopular art geek into prom queen.


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