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Project Managers Are Some Of the Most Appreciated Professionals: Consolidate Your Career with PMI PMP Certification + ExamSnap

25 September 2019

Project managers are some of the most appreciated professionals in any industry

Not everyone has the ability to lead a project successfully, follow each of its stages, as well as respecting budgets and deadlines. How does it sound having a global certification which allows you to manage a project in any industry? PMP accreditation offers you the knowledge and liberty to work on any chosen location, methodology, or industry you prefer. Apart from this immense freedom of choice when it comes to your activity, the PMP credential comes with the advantage of increased salary and financial benefits. Does it sound interesting? Let’s have a look at what PMP certification has to offer.

Project Management Institute (PMI) Is the Best Choice When You Want to Become a Successful Project Manager
Are you determined to develop a profession in project management? When you want to be on top of your niche, you should choose a leading vendor for training. Project Management Institute (PMI) helps the determined candidates to change their destiny and obtain a diploma in project management. With an extensive experience of 50 years in project management accreditations, PMI has the necessary tools and team of professionals to train future project managers. Established as a not-for-profit association, PMI has trained more than 3 million project management experts around the world so far. The institute offers eight certifications, personalized for different levels of knowledge and expertise. Among them, Project Management Professional (PMP) competency has gained its recognition as the global gold standard.

This article will tell you more about the PMP certification and exam, detailing also its benefits for your future career.

Everything You Need to Know About PMP Certification
When you are determined to show your employers that you are a valuable asset for their company in project management, then taking the PMP exam is the best decision you would make. Considering its high demand and global recognition, the PMP test is your best visit card, showing that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to lead a team successfully and exceed expectations when delivering a project. If you think from an employer’s perspective, hiring someone with the PMP certification means that this candidate has the validation or being an outstanding project manager who deserves a higher salary than the market’s average.

What Skills Does a Candidate Develop with PMP Certification?
Now, that you know how PMP graduates are seen on the market, let’s dive a bit deeper and discover what skills you will develop once you pass the test:

• A project management professional can develop and follow a project’s phases with minimum supervision.
• You will understand what project’s demands are and be ready to assume responsibility for any aspect until successful delivery.
• Become a flexible and strong leader, able to coordinate teams despite any budgetary or timing challenges.
• Demonstrate that you have gained the necessary skills to develop and implement a methodology for your project and define clear KPIs.

Who Is Eligible for PMP Exam?
If you want to be eligible for the PMP certification you will need to demonstrate a certain set of skills and achievements during the last eight years prior to the date you submit your application. When it comes to education, you should have either a secondary degree, which in most countries is equivalent to high school or a four-year degree such as a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Apart from the educational background, you should also be able to demonstrate your experience in project management. Therefore, you are eligible if you had a minimum five-year of non-overlapping practical experience in project management out of which you spent at least 7,500 hours leading a project. This criterion is applicable if you graduated from secondary education. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you will need only three years of project management prior experience and 4,500 hours dedicated to managing a project. Finally, you will also need 35 hours of project management education or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential.

How to Pass PMP Exam and Prepare for It with ExamSnap Website?
To get the PMP certification, you need to pass the PMP exam. You will have to answer to 200 multiple-choice questions, for four hours. The test has a well-established structure as it is divided into five sections:

• 13% of the test’s items will contain questions related to project initiation. - 24% will be covered by planning
• 31% of the entire structure will be dedicated to execution
• 25% of the questions will be about monitoring and controlling
• the remaining 7% contains questions about project closing

Moreover, the PMP certification fees depend on the form you will take your exam. Depending on the country you are in, you will have to choose between paper-based or center-based exam. If you are a PMI member and you choose the center-based testing, then you will pay $405. For non-members, the fee is $555. The same fees apply if you choose the paper-based option. The difference is given only by membership status. You can retake the exam 3 times in one year. The fees for re-examination are $275 for members and $375 for non-members. Note, that the PMP certification is valid for three years, during which you will have to obtain 60 professional development units if you want to renew it. In case of renewal, members will pay $60, while non-members - $150.


PMI offers various training materials to help you obtain the PMP certification. Apart from attending to classes and organizing self-study sessions, you can also count on ExamSnap website for exam preparation. With only $39.97 you will receive test-relevant questions and answers, as well as study guides and a training course. This material will help you feel yourself confident at the exam.

The PMP credential helps you stand out on a very competitive market. Once you add it to your CV, it will become easier to convince your employers or collaborators about your potential and knowledge. The PMP certification testifies that you are an expert in project management and talks about your ability to lead teams and exceed expectations in project lead. To gain it, use the prep material offered on the PMI website and ExamSnap online platform and pass your PMP certification exam successfully.

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  1. Similane
    19 May 2020 at 8:09 pm — Reply

    A PMP certification is a stepping stone for any project manager wishing to climb up the corporate ladder as it offers visibility besides enhancing your chances of professional growth within your organization.

    Some tips to help in preparing for PMP exam:

    Tip #1: Accept this PMP Exam as a challenge:
    The first tip that can help you pass the exam is to consider this task as a challenge.
    Tip #2: Prepare yourself by solving a lot of practice questions:
    Another amazing way to prepare for the exam is to take help from the practice questions.
    Tip #3: Make a study plan for yourself and follow it regularly: Next what you need to do is to make a study plan or some kind of a time table for yourself and keep one thing in your mind is that no matter what, it is mandatory to follow it.
    Tip #4: Evaluate yourself after regular intervals: As we know that preparing for thePMP Exam.. takes time so what you need to do is regularly evaluate yourself as to how much prepared you are.
    Tip #5: Join a support group: Never try to prepare for the PMP Exam alone. Instead what you should do is find yourself study partners or like-minded peers.

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