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Dealing With Loss: The Fan Carpet’s Jonathan Hughes talks to SHEILA MCCARTHY for the Home Entertainment Release of ISABELLE

08 October 2019

In the vein of Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist, Isabelle is about an all-American couple whose dream of starting a family is shattered after they move into the perfect New England neighborhood.

Once settled, they soon descend into the depths of terror as they struggle to survive a genuine threat from a dark presence that appears to want to end their very lives.

Adam Brody (“StartUp”, CHiPs) and Amanda Crew (“Silicon Valley”, The Age of Adaline) star in the film, along with Sheila McCarthy (Milton’s Secret, “Orphan Black”) and Zoe Belkin (Carrie, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”). Isabelle also features Krista Bridges (“19-2”, “Heroes Reborn”), Booth Savage (“Slasher”, “Mr. D”), Alison Brooks (Downsizing, “Taken”), and Dayo Ade (“Beauty & The Beast”, “Rookie Blue”).

Isabelle is directed by Rob Heydon (director of the award-winning film Ecstacy), from a screenplay by Donald Martin (Milton’s Secret). Heydon (The Journey Home) also produces the film, with Sid Ganis (Akeelah and the Bee, Big Daddy), Joni Sighvatsson (Z for Zachariah), Rey Cuerdo (Dim Sum Funeral) and Donald Martin (Milton’s Secret) as Executive Producers. Cinematographer Pasha Patriki (Anonymous), production designer Diana Abbatangelo (He Never Died), costume designer Ruth Secord (Wet Bum), and editor Diane Brunjes (Suicide Squad) complete the creative team.

Isabelle is a production of The Wanting Film Inc., in association with Out of the Blue Entertainment and Kidlat Entertainment Inc. Ignition Media Finance is providing the bridge loan. Prescience Film Finance is providing the mezzanine financing and production financing. Private Equity is coming from Lazarus Effects and Rob Heydon Productions in Canada.

In our EXCLUSIVE interview, The Fan Carpet's Jonathan Hughes in association with The Killer Spotlight spoke to Sheila about her character, dealing with loss, working with Robert Heydon and how she deals with Horror movies....


How helpful was director Robert Heydon when you were on set with him during your scenes?

Shooting the movie was just so much fun. We were all together in a house creating this HORROR MOVIE but honestly we had a ball being scary. Robert was terrific and gave us a lot of free rein creating.


How was it working with Amanda, Adam and Zoe?

Adam, Amanda and Zoe were just super to hang with. We all felt lucky to be part of such a creepy great script. I ha e huge respect and admiration for all three of those actors.


How much research did you do not only in the character that you were playing but in satanic rituals and the afterlife?

Having been raised as a catholic I had a huge background in religious practices and customs. I have always been fascinated by the marriage between horror genre and religion. It was spooky doing the OUR FATHER prayer in this fictionally charged atmosphere. I didn’t have to learn those lines! They’re in my DNA. The script was so strong so between that document and my memories of being a catholic was all the research I needed.





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