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The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali attended an Enchanted Night – a fine art gallery show presented by Jamie Jo Last Night

17 August 2017

Last night, The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali had the honour of attending the eagerly anticipated Enchanted Night Exhibition, hosted by the popular and extremely talented Artist Jamie Jo Burns, hosted at London’s YouTube Space in Kings Cross.

Jamie Jo, who has carved out an impressive collection of Art Videos on Video sharing Platform YouTube was full of energy, meeting everybody at her exhibition, following her laughter filled Q+A session, moderated by Liam Dryden
It’s astonishing to see her 16 pieces in person as the videos on her YouTube Channel; Banana Jamana, whilst impressive and a constant joy to watch every week, don’t really do the pieces justice, so it was a distinct pleasure to see the pieces up close, and this should further show the haters that all of her Art is real, and her talent is second to none, in my opinion.



A stand out piece for me was her photo realistic painting of Belle and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, depicting Emma Watson’s Belle dancing with Dan Stevens’ Beast. But I also love her painting of the moon as cheese dripping, one of her personal favourites too.

The artwork is just beautiful; every piece just shows how much love and passion hat Jamie Jo has for her craft and in true Jamie Jo fashion, the music of the evening was a playlist from classic Disney films including Moana, Aladdin and Toy Story.



During her lively Q+A session, Jamie was asked why she wanted to host a gallery show and she replied candidly “A lot of the time, I get comments saying all of my paintings are fake, but at least you guys know that they aren’t. I mean you can touch them!”

When asked about her inspirations, she pointed out the music choice and explained “I think as you can see, I’m inspired by kind of a mixture of realism and cartoon, I like that, if it was too real it looks like a photo, so I add a character because once you add a character it becomes a bit more engaging. to engage with something with eyes.”

Asked what she’s working on, Jamie explained “I’m currently mocking up finally, my fifty foot Dragon painting, right now I’m just trying to get the canvas made!”



When asked by an audience member, who hadn’t been watching Jamie Jo on YouTube for very long about her username, Jamie replied “I’ve grown fond of my user name. It was one of those things where it was the middle of the night and I wanted to do a YouTube Channel and I was trying to pick the perfect user name that everybody would love.

And for some reason, I thought of Banana’s; Banana’s are good and Jamie, but Jamie doesn’t rhyme with Banana so let’s make Jamie rhyme with Banana, so Banana Jamana is my attempt to rhyme my name with a Banana!”



Asked if it was beneficial learning art at school verses learning from YouTube tutorials, Jamie answered “It was beneficial, because I had an amazing art teacher where the way she taught was basically do it yourself! She was lovely, very inspirational, very helpful when she needed to be, but the core of her class was ‘I’m not going to do it for you, you want to learn how to paint, you actually have to do it and learn the skill’ and I stand by that.

If you want to learn how to Paint, then just start painting. So that was my experience.

I didn’t go to University for Art, I was going to but it was 90.000 dollars, and I saw the Advanced Class, that I’d have to spend four years working up to; and they were glueing trash to a canvas and I was like ‘I don’t want to spend 90,000 dollars a year to learn how to glue trash to canvas!’

So instead I moved to England, met Tom, had a Disney Wedding and it was amazing.”


When asked what encouraged her to go into art full time after graduation, Jamie Jo answered “YouTube! I really liked YouTube, I know it sounds weird but I was very socially inept and YouTube was the place.

I was in Springfield, Missouri, in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t have many friends there so I couldn’t really socialise, but I could go on YouTube and I could feel like I was friends with the YouTubers and socialise with them, and I said ‘I want to do that’ so I started doing that and I dropped out of Medical School; that my parents were very proud of.

But I would definitely classify myself as an overachiever, student type; kids hated me at school; they hated me; I would bring massive projects in and they’d be like ‘why’d you have to bring that in, now my project looks like this’ even though I did what the teacher asked.

But it was not wanting to do pregnancy class, but I love art and especially now, I really enjoy it; I get to do art videos for Disney and stuff like that, it’s just a fun job; it’s vey hard actually, it’s long hours and I don’t get lot of sleep, but every second of it is really enjoyable, I couldn’t have asked for a better career path that I’m currently on.

Art is nice, it’s fun, if you do art, you’ll understand, it’s fun! It’s frustrating, but it’s fun!”



It was a magical night, the YouTube Space is amazing; there was free food and drink, sweets and cupcakes the whole night. I hadn’t been inside the space before, but it’s incredible and I’ll be going again. Thank you Jamie Jo and YouTube for such an amazing night and I cannot wait to see her art in galleries, her work has to be seen!

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