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FREAK SHOW Named The Best Series Of AMERICAN HORROR STORY Beating Out COVEN And APOCALYPSE In New Study From CasinoCountdown

18 November 2020

Freak Show (S4) has been named the best series of American Horror Story to date, based on its form and critical reception, a brand new study reveals. 

The Series Survival Scorecard reveals the likelihood of current shows getting cancelled or renewed based on their similarity to previous series.

Freak Show is the most similar installment to what the world’s most successful TV series looks like - while Roanoke is the worst series of the anthology show.

With series 10 in the works, American Horror Story currently holds a positive 72% likelihood of staying on our screens for the foreseeable future. 

The fourth series, Freak Show, of American Horror Story has been named the best instalment to date - beating out Coven and Apocalypse for the top spot, a new study reveals. 

The Series Survival Scorecard, created by CasinoCountdown, looks at the likelihood of current TV shows getting cancelled or renewed based on their similarities to previously long-running series when it comes to duration, format and critical reception.

The study found that based on the form and acclaim of some of the most popular long-running shows - including Downton Abbey, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Game of Thrones - the ideal TV show should span 156 episodes at an average of 37 minutes long, and hold an IMDb score of 8.4/10 with 196 combined award nominations and wins. 

As an entire show - across all nine series that have aired - American Horror Story (AHS) bears a 65% similarity to the perfect show, accounting for it’s high likelihood of continuation. 

But not all instalments of AHS were created equal. In fact, the study shows that Roanoke is the worst series to date, followed by 1984, Apocalypse and Cult. Freak Show bears the most similarity to the ideal show and is therefore the best instalment so far, followed by Hotel, Coven, Asylum and Murder House.

All instalments of American Horror Story, ranked from best to worst

  1. Freak Show (series 4)
  2. Hotel (series 5)
  3. Coven (series 3)
  4. Asylum (series 2)
  5. Murder House (series 1)
  6. Cult (series 7)
  7. Apocalypse (series 8)
  8. 1984 (series 9)
  9. Roanoke (series 6)

Fans may be surprised by the results, as looking at just the IMDb scores across all series shows that it’s Asylum that fans rate the highest with a score of 8.5, while Cult holds the lowest rating at a still respectable 7.4 out of 10. 

When it comes to which episodes are the best, the data shows that of the top series - Freak Show - it’s episode 10, Orphan, that fans prefer, while episode six, Bullseye, is the most likely to be skipped based on it’s low IMDb score. 

But of the whole nine series, it’s episode six of Apocalypse - Return to Murder House - that holds the highest rating of 9.4/10, while the finale of Roanoke is the least worth watching. 

Other findings from the study included that the show that’s closest to having been perfect - based on its duration, form, IMDb score and award nominations - is The Vampire Diaries, while You is the most popular currently streaming TV show. 

The study comes following the announcement of the spinoff American Horror Stories, and hints towards the theme of the upcoming season ten. 

To see which of your favourite series are sticking around and which might end too soon, please visit CasinoCountdown.

Data gathered from ahrefs, Google Trends and IMDb, and was analysed via a logistic regression model that yielded results with 74% accuracy. 

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