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Going From Stage To Screen: A Conversation With Actress, Producer And Street Dancer Lauren Metcalfe For Gene Fallaize’s CONTROL

15 August 2023

Lauren Metcalfe is a Multi talented professional Actress, Film Producer & street dancer gaining her merited Diploma and Degree from LIPA and Aberystwyth University. Since training she has worked on the stage as lead characters in musicals, plays, pantos and in 2019 made her move into the Film and TV industry.

She has worked on several BBC dramas and advertised for high end companies. She has currently just jumped off set as ''Stella Simmons'' in Action/Thriller feature film 'Control' as Kevin Spacey's Co- Star.

She also produced the film and it is now selling worldwide and looking at theatrical release in December. She is qualified in screen combat with The British Action Academy and will soon to be filming her next lead role with a different production company whilst producing the next feature with Cupsogue Pictures in tandem, in which again she will have a prominent role.

In our EXCLUSIVE interview, the incredibly talented Lauren tells The Fan Carpet's Marc Jason Ali about her start in the industry, what it means to be a story teller and working on CONTROL...



If we go back to the beginning, was there a defining moment for you to get into the Entertainment Industry?

Wow what a question thank you! I have always felt performing has been in my veins since a young age. I actually wouldn't say there was a defining moment, if anything I feel we all make our own path into the industry and everyone's journey is different but mine was a slow steady progression trying all areas of the arts purely because they've always fulfilled me and that's where I would do my best learning. I don't recall having a 'moment' thinking I HAVE to do this, I just knew this was my calling from the beginning and followed that path! 


What was it about CONTROL that made you want to be a part of it with such a prolific director in the independent space in Gene Fallaize, and what can you tell us about the story and Stella without giving away spoilers?

Control was written in September 22', and once the script was complete I already knew this was something that from the producing side of things had legs. When Gene approached me for the role of Stella, I think I cried actually because I knew that not only is Stella on the screen the majority of the time (which is a lot of pressure to hold the audience's attention for 86 minutes!) but she was an incredibly powerful character with so much depth, that I simply couldn't wait to give her life. I was just so humbled by Gene's faith in me even though we hadn't worked together previously in this capacity before and I was very grateful for the opportunity.

The story is based on Stella Simmons, the Home Secretary who is secretly having an affair with the PM (Mark Hampton). On route taking his daughter home in her electric car she gets a call that shakes her to the core...and you'll have to find out the rest on the 15th December!


What does it mean for you to be a storyteller and tell stories in this way?

Everything. I feel as creatives we have the power to express ourselves whilst bringing stories to life and create discussions and open thinking.


Where can we find you online to keep up with everything you’re doing?

So I am on IMDb, Spotlight and my Instagram is @Laurenmetcalfe_official and you can find me on Facebook by searching Lauren Metcalfe.





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