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HUNTER KILLER – Available On Digital Download NOW And 4K, Blu-Ray and DVD on February 25 – Top Military Movie Rescue Missions

22 February 2019

Military rescue missions have been the subject of some of the best action films of all time. With incredibly high stakes, suspenseful action and explosive performances Hunter Killer is no exception. Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is tasked with saving Russian President Zakarin. In an attempt to carry out a coup d'état and start a war with America, the Russian defence minister takes President Zakarin prisoner on a Russian naval base. Glass, confined to his submarine, must coordinate with the US government to successfully carry out the rescue mission without triggering an all-out war between the two nations.

Hunter Killer is available on digital download NOW and 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on 25th February, to celebrate its home entertainment release we’ve pulled together a list of the best military rescue missions in film.

Black Hawk Down
Whilst trying to drop off US special force soldiers, an unexpected attack by Somalian forces causes two Black Hawk helicopters to crash, stranding the soldiers in enemy territory. The passengers of ‘Super Six-One’ and ‘Super Six-Four’ are left to fight for survival as they await rescue from the US Military. Based on a true story, Ridley Scott succeeds in delivering a thoroughly intense military rescue-mission film.



Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor tells the story of a Navy SEALS unit who, after entering Taliban territory, are left stranded without the ability to communicate with the US Military. The four man team must fend off hordes of Taliban soldiers as they attempt to relocate and await Military assistance. Another film based on a true story, Lone Survivor respectfully honours the SEALS’ heroic mission behind enemy lines, whilst also providing a thrilling military rescue-mission film.



Tears of the Sun
Set amidst a Nigerian civil war, Tears of the Sun features Bruce Willis as A.K. Waters, a Lieutenant tasked with leading his US Navy SEALS team deep into the Nigerian jungle to locate and extract Dr Lena Kendricks. The SEAL team eventually find themselves having to make a decision on whether to stick to their orders and extract Kendricks, or directly disobey their own government to help escort the doctor’s patients out of the jungle. Tears of the Sun is emotionally impactful, highly intense and features some spectacular action sequences.



13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
13 Hours tells the story of a team of private military contractors stationed in Benghazi to protect US diplomats and operatives in the city. After Islamic Militants attack the one US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, the team are called into action as they attempt to defend and rescue any remaining American lives. The film features intense and electrifying action as the six GRS soldiers have to fight for survival as they await rescue.



Saving Private Ryan
Largely set during the aftermath of the historic D-Day, Saving Private Ryan depicts the story of seven US soldiers tasked with locating and extracting Private Ryan from deep within France, after his two brothers were killed in action. Action packed and emotionally driven, Steven Spielberg delivers an exciting and thought provoking masterpiece, and one many consider to be the best military rescue film of all time.



Hunter Killer

Deep within the harsh Arctic Ocean, Gerard Butler stars as Captain Joe Glass who must lead his crew of submariners, tasked with rescuing a fellow US Submarine that’s disappeared in foreign waters. However, their mission takes an action-packed turn when Glass discovers a secret coup brewing within enemy territory. With the world on the brink of WWIII, Captain Glass must assemble an elite group of Navy SEALS and start a battle to win a war.



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