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Introducing East 15 Acting School Alumni: Actress, Model and Director Kathleen Hood Set To Make Her Mark on 2018!

20 December 2017

Scottish born actress, Kathleen Hood recently graduated from the prestigious East 15 acting school, whose alumni include Alison Steadman and Blake Harrison, actress and model Kathleen has already been snapped up by premier agent Harvey Stein Associates and is working with top industry people. Watch this space.

Originally studying fashion and graduating with a Bachelor degree in Textiles Design, Kathleen set her sights on Drama school, where she won The John Gielgud Bursary in her 2nd year at London’s East 15 Acting School. This enabled her to finance her final year. Kathleen’s passion drove her to work 2 jobs in order to save enough for the big move.

A promising newcomer, Kathleen is already making waves in the acting and modelling worlds throwing herself in to theatre where she recently completed a project with London’s ‘Out of Joint Theatre Company’ which allowed her to work alongside the incredible actor Maggie Steed and writer Robin Soans.

Citing actors such as Sarah Lancashire, Suranne Jones, Maxine Peake, Vicky McClure and Gillian Anderson as inspirations, Kathleen strives to break the mould of the ‘working class’ actress she has found herself classified as and is a strident advocate of giving voice to those not often heard.

She talks passionately of The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse opening its doors to the Oxford University Dramatic Society, an incredible opportunity which she thinks ought to be opened up to other parts of London and also the North of England. Her goal is to bring about collaborations between the old and the new, perhaps a Shakespeare or a Chekhov play in a new setting, spoken by those that can bring a new depth of experience to classical roles.


Kathleen believes opportunity in the arts should be open to all and we should be able to move beyond barriers such as class or gender and even embrace these differences. She has worked hard to ensure her skills as an actor would allow her to compete alongside any male actor for action roles, training in archery, fencing, kickboxing and horse riding and next year hopes to complete her Advanced Training in Stage combat as well.
One to Watch for the future, Kathleen wants to direct as well as act and is determined to be a voice for change in the arts. Not content with simply being a stander by, she is a dynamic force waiting to be unleashed!

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