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Introducing Naveed Mir’s FOLIE A DEUX Starring Alan Cooper And Jasmine Sumner On Crowdfunding Platform Greenlit

14 September 2023

The Fan Carpet are delighted to share the crowdfunding campaign for Naveed Mir's FOLIE A DEUX starring Alan Cooper and Jasmine Sumner, who can currently be seen in Steve Lawson's WRATH OF DRACULA!

In this powerful short film, produced by Lauren Pizzicaroli, an overworked chef named Oliver battles with the relentless demands of his job and financial strain. Trapped in a cycle of exhaustion, he turns to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape, unwittingly dragging his girlfriend Isabel into his destructive habits. As Oliver's mental state deteriorates, reality and delusion become indistinguishable, leading him to confront the consequences of his actions and the harm inflicted on his partner. Oliver faces the challenge of rebuilding his life and repairing the shattered trust in their relationship. This film sheds light on the impact of mental health struggles, addiction, control, and abuse, urging us to recognize the importance of seeking help and healing.



About Naveed Mir
Naveed Mir is an up-and-coming director and writer from London experienced in directing, screenwriting, casting, editing, and producing short films and video content. He has been a freelance actor with production companies such BBC Studios and Olympia Production. He has also worked as a SA for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple TV. 

He has written and directed three short films including APPETENCE, which was selected by London Lift-Off's First Time Filmmaker Sessions, and won Best Short at Lulea International Film Festival and Best Fantasy Short at the Genesis International Film Festival. APPETENCE won Best First Time Director at the Rome International Movie Awards and the Movie Play International Film Festival.



Speaking about FOLIE A DEUX, Naveed Mir said "As a filmmaker, I am passionate about exploring the human condition and shedding light on issues that are often ignored or stigmatized by society. With this film, I aim to challenge the audience's perceptions of mental illness, particularly in men, and spark a dialogue about the importance of seeking help and creating a supportive environment for those struggling with mental health issues.

The visual style of the film will be carefully crafted to immerse the audience in the protagonist's subjective experience, reflecting his fractured mind and fluctuating reality. Through the use of lighting, camera movement, framing, and voiceover, we will create a hyper-realistic style that conveys the protagonist's inner turmoil, his descent into madness, and his struggle for redemption. The film's production design and use of symbolisms will connect the protagonist's reality with his psychotic episodes, providing the audience with a deeper understanding of his psyche.

This film has the potential to make a significant impact on the audience. It aims to raise awareness of men's mental health, encourage men to speak up about their emotions, and combat societal norms that devalue emotional expression and vulnerability. We hope that the film will inspire progress towards a more compassionate and inclusive society that values mental health and well-being.

This film is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche, reflecting the complexities of mental illness and the need for greater understanding and support. We are committed to creating a cinematic experience that is emotionally impactful, visually stunning, and socially relevant."

Find FOLIE A DEUX on Greenlit | Instagram.




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