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Jack Skellington, R2D2, Minions and more: Discovering Popobe Bear vinyl keychains in London’s Camden Town Market

28 June 2017

To toy art, to create your own toy stories!

This past weekend, The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali and Raj Virdi were browsing around Camden Market in London’s Camden Town and came across these adorable Popobe Bear vinyl keychains!

As you can imagine, it was extremely hard to choose which from their vast range, they have so many styles; from the silver tiger and gold tiger style, the more tourist friendly I Love London and Union Jack to their glow in the dark offerings of Pink Bows and classic puzzle game Tetris!

They also have a line of pop culture icons including Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman and Disney•Pixar inspired Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

And whilst there are all adorable, the four I picked were Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas), as a Star Wars fan I couldn't resist the R2D2 (Star Wars: Episodes I - VIII) inspired keychain, Captain America (Captain America: The First AvengerAvengers Assemble, Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War) and a Minion (Minions, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3).



Wanna paint your own? Popobe also have a blank vinly that you can decorate yourself!

The Popobe Bear vinyl keychains are just so adorable and to put them on keys seems a shame but taking pride and place on my desk along with my other display toys they are a welcomed addition.

It’s not only keychains; they also have 10 inch Toys, 10 inch Hand Painted Limited Toys and Mario Car Toy, Leopard Car Toy and Darth Vader Car Toy and various accessories including Luggage Tags and Phone Prop-ups.



Their range can be found online at the Official Website and Facebook and starts from £1.99 or see these adorable figures in person by heading down to Camden Market!

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About Popobe
Popobe is a large family of colourful bears which draw their unique shapes, colours and moods from the human world. Popobe's only wish is to entertain us and be our friends. See the Facebook store.

Company Overview
Popobe is a leading urban fashion brand featuring a large family of Popobe bears with a growing gallery of over 200 colorful characters. All Popobe bears have the same body shape but each has unique designs featuring different colours, patterns, materials.

Popobe bears exactly like humans wish to be different and special and unlike other bear they prefer the company of people. So, Popobe bears draw their design inspiration from the world around us: the animal kingdom, movies, books, TV series, animations, computer games as well as from daily products and commonly known brands.

In most cases Popobe characters have a trick or two hidden in their design wishing to attract our attention and entertain us humans. Enjoy your Popobe and feel free to send your Popobe pictures and share your experience.

Popobe products include various sized Popobe Bear figures in a variety of over 200 designs and characters. New Popobe designs are added each month. Popobe product types include Popobe cell phone charms, Popobe fashion accessories, Popobe key chains, Popobe collectors Items, Thumb drive charm, Popobe toys and more.



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