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Licence to Kill – Tom Hardy, James Norton, Jack Huston: Who is going to be the Next MI6 Agent 007 – James Bond?

06 August 2018

James Bond TV productions are one of the most popular and profitable TV productions in recent times. Over the years, several actors have taken turns to assume the role of the coolest guy in town, a man who has no flaws.

With the women, he has a killer eye and with his hands, he can drive any car as well as defeat any opponent. The current James Bond, Daniel Crag is set to vacate the role in 2019 when he finishes shooting his fifth James Bond movie. This has led many people to engage in debates over whom they think will succeed Daniel Craig as the next ‘James Bond’. Below are the front runners thus far; those who want to have a say over whom will succeed Daniel Craig can do so by simply tipping their pick when they visit the novelty betting section at any UK online casino.



Tom Hardy
Leading the race thus far is Tom Hardy. Many people are convinced that Hardy has what it takes to succeed in the James Bond role. When it comes to looks, Hardy is a former professional male model can compete with anyone. Physically, Hardy is able to work on his body into adapting to any role as he has shown in the past when he was a ‘near giant’ in Bronson, at the same time, he can also be as athletic as anyone as he demonstrated when he starred in the Dark Knight Rises where he was a Kung Fu fighter. Acting wise, Hardy can rival anyone as he is comfortable as a chameleon in changing shape according to the surroundings and what’s expected of him. The only disadvantage that Hardy has in comparison to others is the fact that he has starred in just one spy movie i.e. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.



James Norton
Not far behind the pecking order is James Norton whose greatest asset is his body and stamina. Every James Bond character thus far has a well-built athletic body and Norton possesses just that. To couple that, Norton has great looks which will make him a firm favourite with the ladies. Norton has starred in many movies so his acting pedigree is not questionable. However, the biggest shortcomings that Norton faces is that he has not up to date featured in a spy movie nor has he had a leading role in an action film. The only film that Norton had to show his fighting skills was in Happy Valley when he played bit-part roles.



Jack Huston
Huston is also being lined up by many to be a successor of Daniel Craig. Huston’s chief asset right now is his acting ability. He has been able to win many leading roles and is quite comfortable in different roles as seen in most of his movies including Outlander the movie, Spartacus, Ben-Hur, American Hustle and Boardwalk Empire. However, Huston does have his own shortcomings particularly when it comes to looks; he has a boyish face which doesn’t really suit a James Bond and he hasn’t starred in any spy movie.

Other notable mentions: Idris Elba, Aidan Turner, Henry Cavil, Tom Hiddleston, Margot Robbie, Kit Harington, Michael Fassbender, Tom Cullen, Nicholas Hoult, Damian Lewis, David Oyelowo, Harry Styles, and Cillian Murphy.

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