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Love According to Pro-Actors London: (PAL) Announce the release of Michael Peristeris’ Miss Julia by Richard Banks

14 February 2017

It was announced today (Valentine’s Day) the release of PAL Productions’ debut film “Miss Julia”.

Making good on the commitment to increase overall visibility of its actors, Pro Actors London is launching its in-house Production Company, releasing its first short film in March 2017 with a private cast and crew screening in central London coming soon.

"Miss Julia", written by Richard Banks (actor represented by Pro-Actors London, the co-op department) is a modern love story filmed by international director Michael Peristeris with the help of Hollywood Award Winning Jel Djelal, camera assistant Márcia Sousa and sound supervisor on set Camila Koller.





Led by the powerful Iliana Efthymiadi (Julia), the film also praises in its international cast Edward Bell (Sean), Livia Berté (Claudia), Andreea Helen David (Maria), Alida Pantone (Alice) and Cristian Lazar (Roberto).

Sensuality, rejection, woman pride and comedy are all concentrated in this less than 6 minutes film, which captures one of the many faces of love in our times, in a modern and personal revisitation of the classic novel “Miss Julie” by August Strindberg.



"We couldn't have done this without the generosity of professionals such as Michael, Jel and Márcia, who I am deeply grateful to." says Producer Alida Pantone.

PAL Productions has also announced future projects, including a psychological thriller in 5 short episodes and a theatre show.

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