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MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU: Jabba The Hott: OnBuy.Com Unveil The Most Lovable Film Monsters In Latest Survey

04 May 2020

Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is voted as the most lovable film ‘monster’ by 35% of people.

The Star Wars ‘monsters’ that audiences LOVE most are Yoda (19%), Chewbacca (18%) and Jabba the Hutt (3%).

E.T. The Extra(Lovable)Terrestrial is no. 6 on the list!

May the fourth be with you! The majority of people know exactly what this means, as today marks the time of year where we celebrate the very popular media franchise Star Wars.

To honour this, was curious to find out who people see as the most lovable monsters from films and series. In order to do so, they gathered some of the most well-known characters from cinematography and asked 1,622 people to vote for the one they find to be the most lovable.


I am Groot... The most lovable film monster of them all!
The results are in, and people (35%) have voted for Groot, the tree-like being from Guardians of the Galaxy, as the most lovable film monster of them all! While his character won everyone’s hearts by being an amazing friend and sacrificing himself for the greater good, the final scene revealing tiny Groot is definitely the cherry on top of the cake!

The Star Wars ‘monsters’ audiences love most
Star Wars fans will be pleased to know that in second place is none other than Yoda! 19% of respondents voted for the lovable (and wise!) green icon.

However, he is not the only Star Wars character that made the list. In third place we find Chewbacca, with 18% of people voting for the loyal best friend of Han Solo.

Jabba the Hutt made the top 10 list as well, with 3% of respondents forgetting he is a slug-like crime lord, who is wholly responsible for capturing Princess Leia and sticking her in the now infamous golden bikini (or loving that about him) and considering him favourite of them all!

E.T. The Extra(Lovable)Terrestrial
Everyone would love to be visited by a friendly alien like E.T.! Well if not everyone, at least 5% of survey respondents do. Those who didn’t choose E.T. as their most favourite alien ‘monster’ probably preferred hanging out with The Worm Guys from Men in Black (4%).



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