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NowPictures Set To Host Short Films Screening + Networking Party At The Castle Cinema In Hackney On 7 September

22 August 2023

NowPictures will host a networking party that will include the screening of five short films on Thursday 7 September 2023, from 3.30-8.30pm at The Castle Cinema in Hackney.  The event is open to all film creatives and movie lovers alike.

The gathering will start off with an introduction from Saalih Chaudhry NowPictures founder, along with his opening film “Translucent”— an action short about Malika finding herself being chased by Ertha and her Hitman. From there, five short films handpicked by the NowPictures team will be screened. The running time of all the films is 60 minutes.



“As a filmmaker, I feel it is very important for other film creators to have a space to show their films and meet fellow passionates alike,” says Chaudhry. “While film festivals allow you to do this, the submissions fees are high and it can become quite exclusive. This event we’re hosting is about putting everyone on the same playing field, no awards or prizes, just pure art being shared amongst all film creatives.”

This summer, NowPictures opened the competition by posting on their Instagram, giving every filmmaker with a short project the opportunity to submit their work for free with the understanding that a date will be chosen collectively to host the screening.  NowPictures received over 40 submissions and narrowed it down to five.  Each film presents a unique story that allows for a discussion that will feed into the networking party.

JAM” by Patrycja Foltynowicz looks at a daughter attempting to rekindle her relationship with her mother after the loss of their father/husband in the aftermath of World War II, while “Not the End” by Nathan Bucchino explores a true and honest story of OCD during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Jill of the Trade” by Charysse Tia Harper introduces five women from around the world who speak about the hardships and successes when working in male-dominated professions. “One Last Dance,” by Shekinah Obikwu presents a horror that follows Delilah being lured in by Dillion for a final dance and “The Bench” by Dan Abrams provides an insight into a woman who has a deep conversation with a mysterious man on a bench.  The films are listed in running order of the programme. 



NowPictures began in 2018, founded by Saalih Chaudhry and is currently run alongside his business partner, Ausama Salim. Through the years, NowPictures has been in development of making films of modern situations that are not given the light they deserve. 

“This is the first time I will be doing something like this and it certainly isn't easy bringing a vast number of creatives into one location at one specific time,” explains Chaudhry.  “If everyone has a good and most importantly, a valuable time, then I will definitely look at making this a reoccurring event because...why not? We are all benefiting here and helping each other climb the ladder.” 

The event will begin at 3.30pm with the films screening at The Caste Cinema (First Floor, 64 - 66 Brooksby's Walk, London E9 6DA). There will be a Q&A after the screening and from 6pm, the networking party will begin creating an opportunity for film creatives to mingle until 8.30pm. 

The screening and networking party is £5.80, while the networking party alone is £3.50. Tickets can be purchased at NowPictures Network Party on Eventbrite.

For more information, contact via email or visit Instagram.

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