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PIKA-WHO: Trumbeak + Flabébé + Simipour + Thwackey Top The 10 Most Forgettable Pokémon According To The Internet

24 July 2023

Trumbeak is the most forgettable Pokémon with only 6,557 average searches per month across the globe

Generation five’s Unova region has four entries on the list

Primeape is the only first-generation Pokémon on the list

The brainchild of Satoshi Tajiri, Pokémon is currently the top-grossing media franchise in the world, with an estimated total revenue of $76.4 billion. 

Multiplayer card game experts at World of Card Games have analysed Google search volumes from the past year to discover which of the 1,010 total monsters have been forgotten by people worldwide. 

In 2020, The Pokémon Company released the results of their Pokémon of the Year poll, which saw Kalos starter Greninja being crowned the favourite. This poll was open to a global audience, but the new study’s findings show a different picture across the globe. 

Although Pikachu ranks first in the new study with an average search volume of 4,519,883 per month, the bottom ten are comprised of much more recent creatures.  

The most forgettable Pokémon in the world is Trumbeak, with 6,557 monthly searches on average. The middle evolution of Alola’s regional bird Pokémon, Trumbeak can be obtained early on and becomes more useful once it evolves into Toucannon.  

Flabébé ranks second with 7,979 average monthly searches. Flabébé is the base form of Florges, a fairy type introduced in the sixth generation of games. It is rarer than the middle evolution Floette in many games and is also a weak Pokémon found in early sections of the game. 

Third place belongs to Simipour, with an average of 9,909 monthly searches respectively. This monkey Pokémon debuted in Unova along with the other members of the trio, Simisear, and Simisage. Which of the monkey trio the player receives depends on the starter Pokémon they chose to gain a type advantage against the first gym. 

The fourth most forgettable Pokémon is Thwackey, with an average monthly search volume of 10,244. Thwackey debuted in the Galar region and is the middle evolution of grass starter Grookey.  

Primeape comes fifth with an average of 10,491 monthly searches. Primeape is the only Pokémon on the list from the first generation of games and is the evolved form of Mankey

The 10 most forgettable Pokémon in the world 

Average Monthly Search Volume (Global, Past 12 Months) 
Porygon 2

In sixth is Vanillish, with 10,694 average searches per month. Another Pokémon from the Unova region, Vanillish is the middle evolution of the Vanillite line based on ice cream cones. 

Another member of the Unovan monkey trio, Simisage, is in seventh place with 10,995 average monthly searches. 

Porygon2 stands in eighth place with 11,882 average searches per month. This Pokémon debuted in the second generation Johto games as the evolution of Porygon. 

Rounding out the list is Whirlipede, the middle evolution in the Venipede line, with 12,613 average searches per month, and finally, Drizzile, the evolved form of Sobble, at 12,832 average searches per month. 

A spokesperson for World of Card Games commented on the findings “Pokémon has captured the imagination of children and adults alike with its colorful creatures and worlds.

The trading card game attracts vast audiences to the world championships, which have taken place in London and this year will take place in Yokohama, Japan. Many collectors and players of the card game seek out alternate artwork and special editions which feature these Pokémon, and as many players forget them, these may be among the rarest cards due to a lack of demand for reprinting. 

This study illustrates how much recognition the brand has built over its twenty-seven-year history, and it will be interesting to see if newer Pokémon can start to break into the top instead of being forgotten.” 

Source: Google Keyword Planner and Pokémon official site 

Methodology: For each Pokémon / template combination, monthly google keywords search volumes averaged over the past 12 months were found globally. The search volumes were then aggregated by Pokémon, and the ten with the smallest search volume were found. 

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