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Reel 2 Reel Films Presents ANOTHER DAY TO LIVE THROUGH And Miracle Media Ltd. Present FINAL SUMMER This September

21 August 2023

This September, Reel 2 Reel Films Presents ANOTHER DAY TO LIVE THROUGH And Miracle Media Ltd. Present FINAL SUMMER and The Fan Carpet are pleased to present the Trailers for the anticipated features!

This isn’t just Another Day To Live Through in a brand new hauntingly powerful, psychological, ground-hog-day-esque horror that gets its UK digital release on 11 September 2023, courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.  

Directed by Peter Simmons, in his feature debut, this captivating British/Finnish thriller unveils a world of harrowingly exquisite visuals, shrouded in enigma. Satu (Lene Kqiku Carcera), a Finnish ex-pat seeking solace after a terrible loss, returns to her homeland and there, meets Lauri (Timo Torikka The Winter War), a semi retired, bitter military contractor.  



But nothing is what it seems as Satu and Lauri find themselves ensnared within a labyrinth of disconcerting, violent and bewildering recurring scenarios, where roles and identities shift in an isolated cabin with no obvious escape.  

As time distorts, reality fractures and dangerous truths come to light, Satu must do all she can to break the cycle and escape the waking nightmare she is trapped in...  

This sinister, eerily evocate horror promises a spectacular experience. Open your eyes to Another Day To Live Through a quietly terrifying and disturbing feature that will linger long after the credits have rolled.  




‘Perfectly captures the feel of a pre-scream slasher movie’ Grimoire of Horror  

‘A bloody love letter to a bygone era written with the tip of an axe... nothing short of impressive’ Film Threat 

Pack your bags for Final Summer – an '80s-inspired summer camp slasher that sees a group of camp counsellors fighting for their lives against a masked killer. This blood squirting, brutally brilliant horror is the impressive directorial debut from John Isberg  who also writes and co-produces the film – and is set for its UK digital release on 18 September 2023, courtesy of Miracle Media Limited.  



We head back to 1991, after a long summer of fun and games at Camp Silverlake, where organisers are preparing to shut down the camp for the final season before it is sold to developers. 

But there’s something – or someone – waiting in the darkness to exact bloody revenge on the unsuspecting campers.  Who is the masked menace and what do they want?  

Heat turns to horror in Final Summer – an old-school style, endlessly entertaining horror, with bucketloads of blood,  jump scares and no shortage of macabre murders. 




About Reel2Reel Films 
Reel2Reel Films is an independent entertainment label based in the UK. Launching in 2020, with a raft of titles across different genres,  including some self-financed productions. Their plan is to produce and acquire films and documentaries of quality, from around the  world, to release in the UK & internationally. 

Reel2Reel are distributed through their trading partner, The Trinity Creative Partnership, who have years of expertise managing sales  to all platforms, channels, and retailers, across the UK. 

About Miracle Media
Miracle Media Investments Ltd., led by Adam Lacey, also the owner of Trinity Creative Partnership, operates in the Home entertainment sector. Our focus includes new productions, finished films, and catalogue titles. Collaborating with filmmakers and  agents, we ensure optimal audience engagement. With sales partners in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as global  ties with 101 Films International and Abacus Media, we facilitate extensive film distribution.

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