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Will Smith sports shaved head and more in our DCCU round up

01 May 2015

After being hit with the big news last week of the teaser trailer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and David Ayer dropping the first look of Jared Leto as the Joker.

This week, there’s not been much more in the way of news, but we have seen some great promo artwork of the Batsuit and Bat Amour, and it’s pretty awesome to see something from Frank Miller’s iconic Dark Knight Returns graphic novel be on the big screen. While Henry Cavill’s Superman costume looks more blue compared to the Man of Steel costume.



We also got some awesome boxingesque posters, much like when Avengers: Age of Ulton released the Hulkbuster vs The Hulk promo artwork. If Warner Bros release these as posters then they will sell. To add to all of this promo artwork there was an image of what could be the Batwing which to be honest, I have mixed feelings about because it looks like the Starship Enterprise.



Speaking of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it has been rumoured that we could be seeing the Joker in a flashback sequence where we’ll see him beating and killing Jason Todd, aka Robin. While Affleck could be making a cameo in Suicide Squad as either Brace Wayne or Batman as he’s been seen on set in Toronto and it’s good this universe is connected as it’s rumoured Suicide Squad will be happening in between Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.



As well as seeing Affleck we also got a first look of Will Smith’s Floyd Lawton. Smith is sporting a new shaved head and a cool cowboy look and it looks similar to the Deadshot in Batman: Gotham Knight and we might be seeing more of Lawton the gangster before Deadshot comes on screen.



Last week I reported Common was joining the cast, but in an unknown role, however, according to JoBlo Editor-in-chief Paul Shirey, the Oscar winner could be playing traditional Aquaman villain Black Manta tweeting “Twitter grain-of-salt scoop per my source: Common may be playing Black Manta. #SuicideSquad” and the fact Shirey is not 100% sure means nothing is confirmed.



If true, then Common and Jason Momoa will be doing battle in the solo Aquaman movie directed by Fast and the Furious 7’s James Wan with Jeff Sneider tweeting “James Wan is gonna direct AQUAMAN after CONJURING 2, from what I hear. Warner Bros. ain't waiting. Sony will have to wait until, like, 2019.”



Common isn’t the only new actor joining David Ayer’s supervillain team-up as Alex Meraz, of the Twilight movies, will be appearing in as an unknown role, but is already rumoured to be Jason Todd but nothing has been confirmed.

Finally, I wanted to end on an article written by The Hollywood Reporter and a well written article at that about the problems surrounding Warner Bros handling of the DC Cinematic Universe and I think it’s something you should read if you’re a fan of superhero films.

For more on the film, visit Warner Bros., Follow Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Facebook and @DawnofJusticeUK

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