PEARL HARBOR is an epic love story set in the days when nations last made the devastating leap from peace to World War. The story follows two daring young pilots, RAFE McCAWLEY and DANNY WALKER, who grew up like brothers and first learned to fly in the daring and dangerous aviation practice of crop-dusting; now they both have become pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps.

Rafe has fallen in love with EVELYN STEWART, a beautiful and courageous nurse serving in the U.S. Navy. But their love has only just begun to bloom when their personal destiny–and that of a world on the brink of war–intervenes. 

Bold and idealistic, Rafe has volunteered for the Eagle Squadron, a group of Americans fighting alongside English pilots during the Battle of Britain, even though most Americans have no wish to join into what they consider a European war. Leaving his new love behind, with the promise that he will return, he heads off for the deadly skies above the English Channel, while both Evelyn and Danny are transferred to Hawaii’s idyllic paradise–Pearl Harbor. 

They and the other residents of Pearl Harbor are carrying on their placid lives, unaware of the overwhelming forces moving toward them. When word reaches Evelyn and Danny that Rafe has been killed in air combat in Europe, their personal peace is shattered; broken and grief-stricken, they cling to each other for support, and ultimately fall in love. 

Then Rafe returns.