"Another British horror, just not as good as 28 Days Later"

Danny Boyle must be sitting pretty. Ever since he made the critically acclaimed horror 28 Days Later, numerous British directors have tried, and failed, to topple him from the top of the horror charts.

Falling into line, and predictably coming nowhere near knocking Boyle from his seat, is the latest offering Hush, a horror in the same ilk as ‘Creep', but with the M1 instead of the London Underground as the setting.I looked at the synopsis and really thought this film had a chance of succeeding. Everyone can relate to long drives on the motorway in miserable weather, and by adding a hook of seeing a caged woman revealed briefly in the back of a lorry, this film had the potential to be original and very promising.

Regrettably, I was put off within the first five minutes of the film. I found the two lead characters to be incredibly annoying - there was no chemistry between the couple, which if I'm honest I don't think is down to the script - the performances were just not convincing in the slightest. As a result, I disengaged completely with the character, which at such an early stage in the film didn't do it ay favours at all.Adding to the films woes was a plot complete with some gaping holes - characters being introduced and then discarded, and a non-existent police force the two most irritating, and as horrors go, bar a few obligatory ‘jumps', not much in the way of terror.

It speaks volumes that my abiding memory of involves an errant text message discussing ‘fishy fingers' (please don't look that up on google) - not what you want from a horror.Unfortunately then what we have is a case of good idea, poor execution. For the time being at least, it looks like Mr Boyle has nothing to worry about.