"After 4 successful movies, Blue Sky Studios doesn't fail to deliver a new hilarious, entertaining and touching story"

After 4 successful movies, Blue Sky Studios doesn't fail to deliver a new hilarious, entertaining and touching story about family, friends and a bit of revisionist science with the latest instalment of Ice Age: Collision Course.

Once again, Sid, Manny and Diego find themselves having to save their enlarged family from the dangers of Mother Nature and life's Evolution. As the audience is used to, Scrat is always the reason behind every catastrophe and, this time, to catch his beloved nut, he ends up causing a meteor shower that threatens life on Earth, and with the help of their old friend Buck, Manny and the rest of his assorted herd, run to save the world and stop the largest meteorite from obliterating life as they know it.

The story follows the same successful dynamic of the first 4 movies; this could be really risky in sounding repetitive, however, for the Ice Age franchise, familiarity means success and even though our heroes are constantly on a dangerous quest, their adventures are always something different. Old characters come to play with new ones and the many sketches created and enacted during the films are hilarious and original in their own way.

Each animal character keeps their well-known characteristics and personality trait and it feels like watching a family reunite and recreate that special bond that makes them unique.

Behind the laughter and the many hilarious and contemporary jokes, Ice Age: Collision Course delivers a special message for children and parents alike hidden behind all the humour. In fact, this new heroic adventure wants to teach kids once more that it is always essential to rely on your strength and never forget that good friends and family are always there to support you no matter what.

What makes Ice Age: Collision Course a well produced and written movie is the fact that it doesn't just entertain the whole family, but, in its own way, it also tickles children's curiosity in wanting to know how the Earth, and the Universe for that matter, came to be by mixing science and facts with fantasy and fiction, making the Universe's history entertaining and appealing for them.

Another praise goes to the fantastic work done by the animation department guided by Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu. The experience to watch this movie in 3D was well worth it, each animal comes alive on the screen thanks to their facial expressions as well as their voices. All the actors working on the project and bringing to life these characters were once again committed to their roles. The drawings captured the essence and personality of every performer and each animal become unique by adding qualities taken by the actors who plays them, the combination of these two aspects makes the movie even more fun to watch and enjoy.

The writers have delivered a brilliant story which was improved by all the comic aspects and the silly jokes delivered by every single one of these beloved furred heroes that people have grown to love and know.

All in all, Ice Age: Collision Course is a brilliant, entertaining and hilarious movie that is capable of entertaining the whole family, sparking children's curiosity and provides 90 minutes of pure joy and laughter.