"a fun ride and keeps you engaged from start to finish"

Let's Be Cops is a buddy cop comedy with a difference, we are introduced to Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Ryan (Jake Johnson), two down on their luck best friends and roommates who upon getting it hilariously wrong with a masquerade ball after they turn up in cop outfits, decide on a wim to 'Be Cops' after getting a taste of what life is like as winners.

They encounter the dangerously deranged villain Mossi (James D'Arcy)  and uncover a plot to take control of local stores in order to keep their illegal activites secret.

The support cast are great, from Nina Dobrev as Josie, the waitress in the local restaurant and object of Justin's affection, to Rob Riggle as the local cop Segers and Keegan-Michael Key as the amusing Pupa.

Overall I had a fun time with this film, the jokes stuck and I found it funny throughout, there are obvious homages to Training Day and Bad Boys, with certain dialog and shots, and whilst they are obvious it doesn't detract from the film.

There were a couple of aspects to the film that I think either needed to be fleshed out or not there all together, the former being Damon Wayans Jr's character and the later being Joshua Ormond's Joey, I'm not sure why Ryan needed a kid sidekick.

Nonetheless, Let's Be Cops is a fun ride and keeps you engaged from start to finish, it's a cautionary tale and whilst the protagonists are impersonating cops, the film does a good job of not taking that offence lightly.