"Just like another American rom-com...only funny and (almost) insightful!"

A film about two people, who hate each other, thrown together to look after their friend’s orphaned baby. Oh Em Gee could there be anything worse?! I mean, how predictable, boring and utterly unnecessary, right?! Erm, wrong, actually.

Surprisingly, despite its typical Hollywood rom-com aspirations, I had a lot of fun with this. And it was all the better for being totally unexpected.  Katherine Heigl is just marvelous.  I was never a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and she’d never previously made an impression on me (she’s been in The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses amongst others) but as giant-cupcake making Holly she shines! No matter what embarrassingly cliché lines she has to say, no matter how un-funny being splattered with baby food is (oh yeah, really didn’t see that one coming) she totally pulls it off. Can I be her, please? Or, better still, can she be me in my biopic please? Yes? Excellent.

Josh Duhamel as Messer didn’t disappoint either. For a start he’s pretty nice to look at. And he was clearly born to play over-confident womanizers. Perfect. Combined they made the perfect on-screen duo. The baby, as always, was deliciously perfect…but then all babies are
beautiful, right? It doesn’t even matter though because for once it wasn’t just the cute child that made an otherwise unwatchable film bearable – it was the adult actors. Finally!

I did feel a weird sort of tension throughout. I could literally feel Heigl and Duhamel fighting all the way through; fighting against an unspectacular story, struggling to make scenes that have been done a million times before entertaining. It’s like they were continually bombarded with mediocre script and painfully formulaic direction, yet they marched on through, regardless, delivering up until the very end. They definitely deserve some praise! I hope they get it.