"it has a lot of similarities to other films in the genre"

Make It Happen is an uplifting journey of self-discovery that follows Lauryn Kirk (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a young woman from a small town in Indiana who moves to Chicago with dreams of entering the Chicago School of Music and Dance. A dream that she has inherited from her late mother, who gave up the dream for a different one - to be a mother. After being turned down by the school, she is invited to Rubys (a burlesque club) by new friend Dana (Tessa Thompson) who seemingly takes her under her wing and becomes a burlesque dancer.

The supporting cast are all good and act their parts well, it's a small cast but well put together, it seems that the director and writer knew exactly who they wanted for the lead roles. Carmen (Julissa Bermudez) is especially catty when it comes to sharing the stage with Lauryn, an echo of 'Coyote Ugly' where Violet is given a hard time by Rachel.

Make It Happen fits nicely with its counterparts. It isn't original, it has a lot of similarities to other films in the genre, most notably; 'Save The Last Dance' and 'Step Up', which were also written by Duane Adler who penned this screenplay with Nicole Avril, so a sense of De ja vu may present itself but the writers have done a good job in still creating something fresh and uplifting.

At the heart of this up beat and feel good film is the strong message of follow your dreams. I enjoyed Make It Happen, if nothing more, the choreography will drop those jaws!