"Take a Chance... It's Brilliant!"

While the majority of the film is brilliantly silly, Meryl Streep gives us an emotional show stopping performance of The Winner Takes It All and who wouldn't pay to see James Bond singing SOS? Pierce Brosnan was humorously over-emoting everything but it worked perfectly within the context of the film.

Donna and Sophie (Mother and Daughter) are perfectly cast with an uncanny similarity in both looks and personality. Julie Walters almost steals the whole show.. sorry I mean film.. with her performance of Take a Chance on Me.

It does take about 20 minutes to settle down from the excitement of this outstanding cast singing their hearts out. I'm not really a 'movical' fan but if you go in with an open mind and a bunch of happy people (and no doubt the free wine helped a little too) you'll leave uplifted and pleasantly surprised.