"Single-handedly giving false hope to single male nerds the world over"

I know exactly what the more serious critics will say about this film.  Overly crass.  Childish.  Idiotic and stupid.  Well to them I say boo hiss.  Take a chill pill and don’t take life so seriously, because this film is absolutely hilarious. 

OK, so the plot has absolutely no originality – essentially it’s She’s All That with the roles reversed – geeky guy gets absolute hotty, geeky guy loses absolute hotty, geeky guy and absolute hotty reconcile and live happily ever after (probably).  Yawn - we’ve been here before.  Or have we?   

Unlike all previous films of this genre, She’s Out of My League is unashamedly directed at blokes.  Yes, it is undeniably crass – think American Pie and you won’t be far wrong, but at the same time the underlying sentiment and emotion required to make this film actually work are there in abundance.  Love or loathe the humour, you cannot deny that this film expertly pulls on the insecurities that are abundant in all of us. 

Performance wise, Jay Baruchel (as Kirk), and Alice Eve (as Molly) are fantastic as the two leads – Baruchel effortlessly geeky and insecure, Eve undeniably a ‘hard ten’, but believable as she falls for Kirk.  The supporting cast of relative unknowns must also take some credit, with the lack of a big name, typecast actor (Sean William Scott take a bow) meaning that the performances are fresh, something which helps to counter act the admittedly predictable plot.

She’s Out of My League is right up there with the funniest films I’ve seen so far this year.  Predictable it may be, but for my pallet, the childish humour is bang on target.  It may not be big, or clever, but I haven’t laughed in a cinema like that for absolutely ages – and that’s enough for me.