"a little overwhelming if you aren't acquainted with the films before hand"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a beautifully animated film with incredible action that gives fans an insight into the galactic war between the Seperatists and the Republic.

Following the events of the Episode II: Attack of the Clones, this film sets the scene and casts light on what went on before Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Contrary to what the title may suggest, however, it is not just about the war. In fact there are two distinct subplots which are interwoven into the film with ease by the writing team of Henry Gilroy, Steven Melching and Scott Murphy, George Lucas is in the role of Producer.

Republican Army generals Obi-Wan Kenobi (Matt Lanter) and Anakin Skywalker (James Arnold Taylor) are sent on a mission to rescue the kidnapped son of Jabba the Hutt. Meanwhile, Anakin comes of age by taking on his own Padawan - Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Drane (Eckstein is her married name)). This is an interesting dynamic, since she is quite similar to Anakin and her absence in Episode III suggest that we will learn more about her as the series progresses.

Not many of the original cast from the six live action films reprise their roles, although, continuity wise, it would've been better if they did. However, this is probably due to this film being the start of a brand new TV series. Only Samuel L Jackson (Mace Windu), Christopher Lee (Count Dooku), Martin Wood (Battle Droids) and Anthony Daniels (C3P0) return. Anthony Daniels is the only actor to appear in all of the six live action films, who is a legend in the Star Wars Universe. Who else could portray C3P0 so flawlessly?

They do match the voices quite well. Most notably Yoda, originally voiced by Frank Oz, now replaced by the voice of Tom Kane, does a masterful job as the voice of the iconic Jedi Master. However, some are not as strong as they could've been - I thought James Arnold Taylor had a much deeper, older voice than Hayden Christensen. I would've liked to see more of the war, hopefully that war will be a recurring element to the series.

The music - as expected - is awesome. They use the original score by the legendary John Williams while also adding drums to give it an even harsher military tone. It stands alone as a good 'Star Wars' film and may bring a few more fans into the ever popular Star Wars franchise but I have to say it could all be a little overwhelming if you aren't acquainted with the films before hand. All in all this is a really great start to what looks to be a really successful series.