"I would argue that he got to be Nick Cage with the volume turned up to eleven"

Joel Kinnaman plays a Las Vegas Taxi Driver who is on his way to the hospital where his wife is about to give birth to their next child. He's a little anxious as there were major complications with the previous birth. At the underground car park a mysterious man in a red satin suit jumps into the car, pulls his gun on the driver and tells him to drive and the driver has no choice but to comply despite the situation. From this point on the driver is taken on a violent road trip where the driver is caught between the barrel of a gun and a case of mistaken identity....or is he? 

From the moment I saw the trailer and found out that Nicolas Cage produced this movie I knew I was going to get Nick Cage being the crazy and enthusiastic Nick Cage that we all know and love and it's safe to say that he didn't let me down on this occasion. I would argue that he got to be Nick Cage with the volume turned up to eleven. No matter how good or bad any movie is in terms of story, direction or atmosphere you can always guarantee that Nicolas Cage will always put in no less then 100% to be the stand out performer in said film. 

But this was a movie where his co-star Joel Kinnaman stepped up too with his incredible performance of an everyman taxi driver who is desperate to get to his wife and is forced into a situation where he has to go to certain lengths to out think his mysterious foe. This is amongst the many reasons why 'Sympathy for The Devil' is a high-octane cat and mouse thriller with great action, suspense and some shocks throughout from director Yuval Adler and brilliantly written by Luke Paradise, who prove to be a perfect collaboration.