"Collet-Serra does build tension up well and I was invested in the film, much more than I thought I would be"

Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra's latest collaboration, 'The Commuter' brings with it all the expectation one has when going to watch one of Neeson's films. Great acting of course, coupled with a sense that you will be watching a variation of one of his previous action roles.

I must say, I am a Neeson fan and upon watching the trailer I did go into the cinema with these expectations but also keen to watch an entertaining movie that would take me away for a couple of hours. The film did exceed my expectations.

The story is about Michael MacCauley, an insurance salesman who has the same routine of home-work-home everyday aboard the same train in New York City. One morning he is made redundant at work and faces the unknown future of having to support his family, with two mortgages and college tuition. On his way back home from this untimely news he is approached on the train by a woman who makes him a offer which will seemingly end his financial woes and yet in return he needs to potentially harm someone on the train, without knowing the reasons behind it.

Calamity, high octane action and a few very sleekly edited fight scenes ensue. Neeson is known for doing his own fight scenes and kudos for him for his work on these, they are very realistic and crude, a particular scene involving beating up a baddie with a guitar really did make me recoil in my seat.

Collet-Serra does build tension up well and I was invested in the film, much more than I thought I would be. What did disappoint was the end portion of the film which threw up a few very cheesy moments, recognisable from the action film genre.

Through his sheer Hollywood appeal and acting credentials, Neeson pulls off these moments, it was more of a let down from a writing point of view - the movie, characters and twist in the plot were good and did not need to be pushed to the extent of adding those lines to the script. A movie which is worth the watch and does what an action film is supposed to do-entertains for just over a couple of hours but is not particularly memorable.