"It's all about the big green - dollar that is"

It was never going to be easy to top Iron Man as the superhero film of the summer. Luckily for Marvel they've made both so it's a win win situation. If u read my Iron Man review you'll know that i'm a pretty big fan of the old comic book movies. Hulk was one of those cartoons that i grew up watching as a kid, so i pretty much know about all the characters etc etc (i'm not a geek honest!).

Because of this, i've always got a pretty good idea of what i want to see in a film. The big question i know you're all thinking is how does the incredible hulk size up? Not hulk sized unfortunately. You can see that the directors had a sense of humour. The ‘you won't like me when i'm hungry' line was great, and there were a few tongue in cheek references to the old tv show, but i can't help thinking that this film was stifled by a desire to relaunch a franchise and make money.

The hints to sequels were so heavy that they stifled the flow of the film. Fans of the comic will be annoyed by the lack of consistency to the comics. The birth of the ‘Abomination', the ‘leader' and the Hulk are all completely changed from the comic.

I don't know whether or not this is to blame, but the usually faultless Ed Norton (playing Bruce Banner) is less than stellar - not really portraying the anger and emotion you'd expect from a man hiding such a secret. It's one of the films that i think could have been so much better had they just allowed them to make it as they had wanted - people would still have gone to see it, and the franchise would still have been set up properly.

As is, the big bosses got their way, and we're left with a Husk of a film, rather than a raging Hulk.