"It’s a rather silly affair that has a bit of bite and some seriously hardcore action"

Surprisingly, there has been a lot of love for shark movies lately. And by shark movies, we don’t mean the Jaws calibre of product here. We’re talking cheesy, bad, and terribly films. Your movies such as Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, and more. Those that swim with the knowledge that it isn’t making great art but it is certainly making great fun. 

The Meg is that type of movie. 

Directed by Jon Turteltub, The Meg is everything you’ve come to expect from a shark movie starring Jason Statham. He stars as Jonas Taylor, a scientist and rescue diver who, after losing men during a mission, has sworn off deep-sea diving. In China, a diving crew have discovered that there is a level beneath Marina’s Trench and smash into it. However, their expedition unearths a bunch of nautical under-the-sea animals including our titular star The Megalodon. Now it’s a race against time to stop the prehistoric creature from chomping down on humanity.

Everything you want from The Meg is here. Stereotypical characters, a really thin plot, Jason Statham saving the day – it all exists in this movie. There’s also a ruddy big shark, lots of bloody bits, and Jason Statham semi-naked. If that’s not going to pull you into the waters of The Meg, then I don’t know what will. It’s ham-fisted, it’s hilarious, and it’s eager to please. Happily it succeeds with it’s crazed antics and the absolutely brilliant monster in the middle of it. Even the final shot is kind of hilarious too.

The acting is pretty one-note but you don’t care. Statham is hardly going to turn up in this movie and wax lyrical like Shakespeare. He’s going to turn out gruff one-liners and paddle in the shallow end of acting. Yet, why are you going to see The Stath in a movie about sharks if you were expecting some award-winning Oscar bait movie? It’s awash with waves of silliness that it does it with a proper gruff face. 

The thing about The Meg which I appreciate is that it does try to have nuggets of seriousness and emotion. Not just to try and make people laugh, but to entertain them with some hardcore action movie sequence.

Whilst there is a serve lack of the dramatic in the sense that we know exactly what is going to happen and even what dialogue is going to be spoken, there is excitement in Statham chasing after the biggest shark known to man. 

It’s a rather silly affair that has a bit of bite and some seriously hardcore action. The Meg really is a lot of fun, especially after several pints or going with your mates knowing fully what absolutely mayhem you are letting yourself in for.